Friday, 13 March 2009

Tony Blair – Peace envoy?

It beggars belief that the man who followed George Dubyah's dubious but enthusiastic lead into war in Iraq should now be promoting peace anywhere on the planet. Was he gullible or duplicitous when he signed up British forces for deployment in Iraq?

In February the Middle East peace envoy was awarded $1 million by the Dan David Foundation in Tel Aviv for his work in furthering world peace. One can only wonder what the inhabitants of Gaza make of that. Will they match it with an award of their own? Probably not, as presumably Mr Blair would have to go to Gaza to accept it and he's not keen on going there. It took eighteen months after his appointment as Peace envoy for him to make his first brief visit. Busy man, Mr Blair, but busy doing what?

The money will be donated to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, his charity to promote religious understanding.

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