Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bet Diets or I Bet You a Pound to a Penny

At last! The diet we've all been waiting for, the diet that's going to work. Fresh from the USA, this new approach to dieting is bound to succeed where others have so spectacularly failed, for on this diet you put your money where your mouth is. In case you think I mean that literally and that eating money rather than food is the way forward (special fat-consuming inks in the notes, perhaps, or the heavy metal of coins leaving you feeling fuller for longer?) let me put your minds at rest. The concept behind this tactic is that the enthusiastic dieter bets a sum of money against his weight loss per week. If he achieves his objective he pays nothing. If he fails, the money he has wagered is paid to a charity of his choice.

Now there is a quandary here. A truly altruistic or maybe greedy person might actually determine not to lose weight so that charity might benefit. I jest!

There is a twist that is sometimes employed as an added incentive; a charity which the dieter does not support and is indeed opposed to might benefit from his failure to drop the pounds thereby making him more determined to win his bet.

Would anybody like to bet on how long this new weight-loss tactic will last and how soon another crackpot method will emerge?

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