Friday, 19 March 2010

What are our children learning at school?

Name one of the achievements of the early Romans.
Learning to speak Latin.

What was Sir Walter Raleigh famous for?
He is a noted figure in history because he invented cigarettes and started a craze for bicycles.

The following were published in TES (Times Educational Supplement) Magazine in July 2009.

Excerpts from 'F in exams: The Best Test Paper Blunders', published by Summersdale.

We start with Religious Education:-
Q: What do Christians celebrate at Christmas?
A: When Joseph and Mary had baby Jesus. They travelled to Bethlehem by plane and Pontius was their pilot

Q: Christians have only one spouse. What is this called?
A: Monotony

. . . and on to Biology:-
Q: What does terminal illness mean?
A: When you get sick at the airport.

Q: What is the highest frequency noise that a human can register?A: Mariah Carey.

How about maths?
Q: A car company is having a sale. A £25,000 car now has 50 per cent off. What is the new price?
A: Still too expensive

Q: What is conditional probability?
A: Maybe, maybe not

Q: What is a random variable?
A: Someone with multiple personalities

Q: Write two hundred thousand in figures
A: Two hundred thousand in figures


  1. Another wonderful post and this made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the chuckles. Thanks also for stopping by my blog and leaving all those really sweet comment :) I think you are a treasure in your own family too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh my Denise, thank you. You made me blush ;-)

  3. These are great! Poor Romans, learning Latin LOL

    My poor son would do that last one however -- oh dear! He has autism and takes things very literally sometimes.

    And some of those I might have done thirty-odd years ago... with NO excuse for myself whatsoever LOL

  4. Whatever I say about autism is going to sound condescending, so I won't- but I do have some understanding and thank goodness you can guide him and have a sense of humour to lighten the task.
    Romans and Latin - who'd have thunk it?

  5. Very funny. I like the idea of Romans learning Latin, I had to as well. I remember "Vipera est in herba" (the snake is in the grass), Very useful eh!

  6. Chris: it wouldn't be any help in Ireland ;-)
    Stine: unintentional humour is often the best sort :-)


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