Monday, 18 July 2011

Winston’s July 2011 blog

Winston here . . . p’rrrrr . . . p’rrrrr

You don't mind if  I have a quick wash while I'm talking to you, do you? No? Good! So what’s been happening? Well, the littlest Humans come to stay for the night. They really like me, specially the smallest one, but it is quite tiring having to entertain them, don’tcha know. Me and the dogs is always worn out when they’ve gone.

Frodo suddenly had to go and stay with the vets and when he come back he had a hole in his coat where the vets had pinched some of his fur. I didn’t think that was very nice of them but he didn’t seem to mind. He says it’s growing back now but it don’t look very good to me.
I think another cat is trying to get into my house. She sits outside on the step and looks in and the other day she was on the window sill. The cheek of her! I glared at her and she hasn’t been back since so I think she knows who’s the master here, don’tcha know.

Mrs Human went out for the day – twice! – and Mr Human had to look after us. Frodo and Gus always go to the top of the stairs and wait for her to come back. Frodo howls and Gus moans. Me and Jenna don’t do nothing – we know she’s coming back.

I’ve just had a very busy weekend. The Humans have, too. In fact, they was so busy they almost forgot to feed me. I had to sit on the counter and grab their arms and yell at them to remind them as they passed by.

It’s all a bit confusing ‘cos Mrs H used to feed us but now Mr H has taken over – I don’t know why. Perhaps he thought Mrs H was giving us too much. She don’t mind ‘cept that sometimes she forgets the tablets for the dogs. She says it’s ‘cos it’s a different routine but I think she’s just getting old!! Anyway, I have to show Mr H where all the food’s kept ‘cos he’s a bit forgetful, don’tcha know. I sit in front of the door and stare at it and miaou so he knows where to go. I also check the dry food supplies just to make sure us animals will never go hungry. I must say Mrs H is very good about that – she keeps the cupboards well stocked.
So, this weekend, the other dogs come for their summer holiday. They like coming here ‘cos they get to sleep on the settees and beds and they go out for walks and come back dripping wet and muddy, every time, even when it’s not raining!  Course, the dogs didn’t get here on their own – it’s a long way to walk from Dorset so their Humans had to bring them. Then the rest of the Humans come to visit. Well, two of them was missing – one was on holiday and the other went to a party but even so there was lots of people and I got lots of attention. I let them play with me and I showed them how quick I am at catching things.

There was lots of food, too, but us animals didn’t get none – I think that was a bit mean, really, ‘cos we was ever so good and it smelt lovely. After hours and hours of talking and music and laughing some of the Humans went home, then some more and the last lot went yesterday but Tia and Foxy is still with us.  

Us animals is really tired now, specially Frodo and Jenna and Gus and me, ‘cos our house is usually quiet. It’s fun to have visitors, though. Tia and Foxy will enjoy their holiday but I know they’ll be ever so glad when their Humans come back for them.
I've just got the tip of my tail to do and I'm done. 

So, that’s all I’ve got for now. Be good!



  1. Thank you Winston for the update on all the family! It sounds like a busy and fun weekend for all!

  2. It's good that they have you there Winston, to keep an eye on things and to point out where your food is. It sounds like your humans have a lot on their minds with all the visitors ;-)
    Is Frodo alright?

  3. Wow, what a busy weekend you have had. Now you are all nice and clean you have deserved a lovely snooze :)xx

  4. Glad you had fun Winston-though it does sound quite exhausting!

  5. Winston, I loved reading about the time you spend with your family. Purrs to you and to them.

  6. Georgie here, Winston. My hman has deigned to visit for the first time in 10 months! The senior one keeps muttering that I have forgotten his daughter, but that is nonsense - we both know animals never forget.

    Haven't heard from Ming and Macc - hope the person feeding them hasn;t forgotten. Not that I've ever met them in the fur, as it were, but I smell them plenty.

    Take care, woofs

  7. Awww, this was fun to read. Purrrrrrr!

  8. You have been busy. Love the shots of you grooming and sleeping.

  9. Good grooming habits are very important. It sounds like you have had a very busy time Winston but maybe lots of fun too.

    I know what you mean about forgetful humans, mine forgets things too sometimes. But that's why they have us to keep an eye on them.

    Have a good nap, I think I'll take one too.

    Miss Cindi Lou Who

  10. What a very handsome, red ginger!

    Yes, human visitors do seem to wear the four-leggers out, don't we? Especially the littlies. For some reason, just watching the littlies run around is very, very tiring!


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