Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Trees Experimental Tree Plantation

Isabel from ‘Written in Exile’ extends an invitation to respond to her ‘Sunday Trees.’ 

Image copyright Isabel Doyle

I saw the face on the tree trunk and it spoke to me, resulting in the following doggerel.

‘Are you an Ent?’ says the child,
‘From the Lord of the Rings?’ 
And the tree smiles kindly
While the blackbird sings.
The trees of the forest
Wave their branches with joy
For the innocent faith
Of one small boy.


  1. Lovely, Janice. I can imagine that small boy.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. I had a huge smile at the end of the poem. I love the faith of children and the magic of nature. Love the Ents too.

  3. Lovely, lyrical and light!


  4. @cj - why, thank you. It's not what I started out with:-)
    @Raindrops - thank you, too:-)

  5. Dear Janice

    Thank you so much for responding to my invitation. I have been busy this morning trying to solicit some company for you in the grove, as perhaps a plantation smacks of hubris?

    I always think of the Ents when I see old trees too ...

    best wishes, Isabel

  6. @Isabel - I'm pleased to see that a few more trees have been planted:-)

  7. The Ents are smiling and so am I.

  8. @SquirrelQueen - I'm pleased:-)

  9. I like your "Ent" poem very much.


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