Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wedding Anniversary

It was our Wedding Anniversary last week (August 12th, the Glorious Twelfth, start of the grouse shooting season – grouse is also a complaint, a grumble, a moan, a whinge – is there a message there for me??)

Anyway, it was forty-six years since we tied ourselves to each other and cemented the bond with four children (not all at once, you understand, like a litter of puppies – I fancied having twins but never quadruplets! In the end they were all singletons . . . )

We have never been hot on celebrations but when our Silver Wedding anniversary came round I arranged tickets for the ballet. Barry arranged a new outboard for the dinghy – we spent the actual day bombing between Gosport and Portsmouth to collect it!

Our Ruby anniversary came and went – we probably had a bottle of champagne. This year we celebrated with an inboard engine. Barry had gone sailing with Gillian and Callum earlier in the month but the winds were not favourable and he had had to resort to the engine which failed spectacularly and left them stranded not far from Poole. He called out Sea Start, the marine equivalent of the AA, who arrived promptly and towed them to safe harbour. The engine was irreparable so a new one had to be located and fitted and this was achieved before the next charter was due. The summer months are good for chartering and enable us to maintain the boat in good order and we didn’t want to lose any of the bookings.

I’m thinking of commissioning a miniature inboard engine in gold, platinum, emeralds and diamonds to hang from a fine chain around my neck . . . it would cost about the same as the full-scale version J

Volvo Penta D1-30

It would look rather fetching, don’t you think?


  1. Happy Anniversary Janice and a delightful read. We always like those lovely gifts but often those are put aside for the necessities in life.

  2. Happy Anniversary. I love the idea of a gold and bejeweled inboard motor for your hubs. Maybe on the 50th. Congratulations.

  3. Happy anniversary, it's a great achievement these days to be able to stick out through thick and thin.

  4. Happy anniversary! Ha, I am sure that your sense of humor was just one of the 'glues' that held you both together all these years!!!

  5. Happy, happy anniversary.
    I think one of ours was celebrated with the purchase of a chainsaw. Sympathies.

  6. Funny girl. We don't make much fuss about our anniversary either. 40 next summer....hmmm...will we do something special? Probably not.

  7. Oh my! 46 years? A very, very happy anniversary!!! Hmmm... a necklace like that would certainly be very interesting, that's for sure!

  8. Hi Janice - Happy Anniversary .. and love the stories ... and I don't see why a diamond encrusted tiny engine shouldn't be commissioned!!!

    Happy days ahead and many more .. cheers to you both Hilary


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