Saturday 16 May 2020


I agree with so much of what she writes. It takes very little to knock one’s confidence at the best of times – and, for so many reasons, this is not the best of times.  
The schools are currently closed and parents who are attempting to home-school their offspring frequently find it hard to motivate themselves and/or their child/children. 

This is particularly difficult when a fellow parent casually displays through social media what stunning artwork, three course meals, narrative poetry, cardboard models, musical instruments, board games their 7 or 8-year old child has produced ‘all on his/her own’.

I’m sure, left to their own devices, such children would manage to teach themselves the finer points of computer programming, calculus, Sanskrit, iambic meters, as well as how to strip down a rifle, service a tractor, while at the same time discovering a previously unknown star/planet/galaxy . . .

Who needs school?