Tuesday 30 August 2016

The Entropy Gang's August 2016 blog

The Entropy Gang’s August 2016 blog
Herschel: We are pleased to announce that after a very long wait, during which we were extremely patient, we were finally allowed into the GARDEN this summer.
Jellicoe: I was the first to venture into the great outdoors. There was so much to explore. Isambard was much more nervous than Herschel and me and didn’t venture far beyond the patio.
Isambard: I’m very happy to go out now, though. Solomon and Lenny are enjoying the GARDEN, too.
Herschel: The DOGS were a bit surprised to see us out there. Roxy, being young and foolish, thought it was an invitation to chase us.
Isambard: We Ocicats didn’t take any notice, of course, but Lenny was quite cross.

Jellicoe: He’s all right now – there are more important things to consider. He likes chasing the insects and is beginning to look slimmer.
Isambard: Yes, when he spent all his time indoors he just lounged around, eating and sleeping.

Herschel: The THINKER said he thought there were not so many birds in the GARDEN since we have been allowed out but The MAID told him that it’s always quiet in August because that’s when the birds are moulting and growing their new feathers.

Jellicoe: We’ve only been going out for about three weeks. It will be interesting when the birds start returning to the bird feeders, though we do see some wood pigeons.
Isambard: The MAID says there are always wood pigeons around. She likes them, though. We hear the tawny owls every night – they’re very noisy.

Herschel: We like watching the fish and Solomon enjoys eating the fish food. We haven’t yet tried fishing – we may, one day.
Jellicoe: The MAID calls us in when it starts to get dark and that’s when she feeds us. Lenny is always the last to come in. He miaous until she picks him up.