Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Fifteenth Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke (Gus)

The Fifteenth Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke (Gus)

Hello everyone!

We are all very sad today. Mr Human took Winston to see Nadia-the-Vet ‘cos she knows all about cats and she gave him an injection to make him feel better and she said he could come home on Wednesday. Everyone thought he was getting better but he wasn’t and he died in the night. He was nearly six, so not very old, though older than me and Bertie. Bertie will miss him ‘cos Winston liked to lick his nose and ears and Bertie liked licking Winston.

It feels very strange in our house right now ‘cos Mrs H has gone to stay with Susannah and Frazzle and Mr H has gone out to meet some friends. He took us for a nice walk first and he said he wouldn’t be long so I expect we shall sleep ‘til he gets back.

I think something exciting is happening next week – something to do with Santa Paws? Anyway, we all hope you all have a lovely time, whatever you’re doing. I shan’t blog again until the Noo Ear.

Be good!

Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That’s Welsh for ‘Goodbye for now!’)

Thursday 6 December 2012

Dogs driving in New Zealand

As a way of showing people how intelligent rescue dogs can be a New Zealand charity has taught dogs to drive and filmed them.

I hope you can all see it - it's amazing!

Sunday 2 December 2012

A New Baby and a New Book

A new baby and a new book
Thibié at one hour old

My daughter’s baby was born yesterday at 2:06 pm. He’s a healthy 8lb 4oz beautiful boy and as yet unnamed. The names Susannah and Nick favoured before he was born don’t seem to ‘fit’ him but I’m sure they’ll find something to suit very soon. I call him Thibié - that is, TBA - To Be Announced!

We’re hoping to go and see him in the next couple of days, though we may wait until mother and baby are at home. Susannah is feeling done in after a Caesarean section and barely able to stand up so doesn’t want to see anyone other than Nick until she’s stronger. I remember that feeling so well and at least I can reassure her it is all completely normal and she will improve little by little each day.
Thibié at twenty-four hours old
Meanwhile, the previous day, and after much work as an amateur compositor (!) by my husband, my first novel was published on Amazon. ‘The Sweets and the Bitters of Love’ is in Kindle format and is available free for loan to Prime customers, or can be purchased at the exorbitant price of £0.77/$1.23. Do go and have a look if you’re curious and maybe even read it and write a review.

If you find yourself wondering about the author’s name, Jane Hartley May, the reason is that my mother wanted to call me Jane but couldn’t because my surname was Mayne – Jane Mayne – you can imagine I would soon have become Plain Jane Mayne – so she called me Janice. To honour her I took her preferred choice of name and added her maiden name to it and shortened Mayne to May, so there you have it – Jane Hartley May.