Sunday, 21 June 2009

Pet Pride - Big dog, little dog

Dominie Dalmatian is a big, gentle dog. She loves puppies and would have made a wonderful mother. We didn't dare let her have a litter, though, or we would have ended up with a dizzying number of spotted dogs! Here she is investigating our indoor kennel, a safe haven for small adventurous puppies. Jenna-the-Labrador is about eight weeks old in this photo, taken three years ago.
She lets puppies take advantage of her just as she used to with Cariadd, our first Dalmatian. Seeing a big adult play with a puppy is amazing - lots of noise, chewing and jumping with gentle reminders of appropriate behaviour when needed.
Meet Bozo and his pals here


  1. hey dominie and jenna! so good to see you around at Pet Pride again this week! how have you been?!
    am sure this week too will be fun visiting each other!


  2. wonderful pictures of a loving relationship sandy

  3. Soooooooo lovely shots ^___^
    They are BEAUTY'S !!

    purss Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Fun with friends and toys. Cute!

  5. Great shots! Such cute friends! Sam Schnauzer and Mojo the Great would love to play with them, too!

  6. A lovely doggy friendship.

  7. I adore big dogs and have always found them to be gentle giants

  8. I love your dalmatian!


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