Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Nineteenth Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke (Gus)

Hello everyone!

It has been ages since I blogged. I told you last time that we had all gone to stay with Tia and Foxy and Buster for a day and how our people went out and left us with Dean. Well, we went to spend another day with them and this time we stayed with Kiri while everyone else went out and again everyone was happier when ‘it’ was over.* Kiri had two babies to look after ‘cos Susannah had taken Frankie down the night before ‘it’ but she was quite happy to stay at home and Frodo behaved himself – he knows Kiri very well. We got home very late that night and the kittens were pleased to see us.

The kittens are really big now – well, that’s what the Humans say. Course, they’re never going to be as big as us dogs. Just as well, I think, when I look at their sharp teeth and claws.

Mr H went off the other day to spend some time with some men he knew years and years ago. They all passed out together, he said – strange, I thought, but Mrs H explained that meant they were all remissioned on the same day (editor’s note: they were commissioned . . . )

Then, just after that Mrs H went to stay with Susannah and Frankie. 

She was looking after Frankie while Susannah went to work. Mr H had to learn how to work the washing machine and he even hung the washing out on the line. It was funny watching him – he puts the clothes out differently to Mrs H, not nearly as neat and tidy.

Now Tia and Foxy and Buster have come to stay for their summer holiday. It’s fun going for walks all together. T, F and B really enjoy the ponds in the forest – there’s not much water where they live. Yesterday we went out for ages. Buster is funny. He sits in the pond with the water up to his collar waiting for Mrs H to throw the Kong. He’s just as much of a cheat as Jenna and Bertie gets quite upset so Mrs H tricks Buster and pretends to throw the Kong in one direction but changes it at the last second. She has to do the same with Jenna so that I get a chance to retrieve the ball. Tia’s a good girl – she watches like I do and then races off. Foxy doesn’t bother. She likes retrieving biscuits but Mr and Mrs H aren’t doing that with her ‘cos she’s rather rounder than she should be and it’s not good for her joints.

It’s quite warm today so we’ll probably go to Simons Wood where there’s lots of shade but only one pond. 

It’s a big pond, more of a lake really, with ducks and geese and dabchicks and the water’s clear so we don’t come home carrying lots of mud in our coats. I hope we go soon . . . I like our walks.

Be good.

Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That’s Welsh for ‘Goodbye for now!’)

*’it’ was Trevor’s funeral. Trevor is Mr H’s brother.


  1. Lovely blog Gus and lovely photos! My favourite are of Frankie-what a cutie!
    I liked your observation of how Mr and Mrs H hang out the washing. I have observed that myself with me and my Mr!

  2. A great blog indeed, Gus! Love your kitty friends, too! What a cute little guy Frankie is! Hope you're having a good week!!

  3. What fun to hear from you, Gus. So many things happening, although I'm sure "it" was no fun for Mr. H., even less fun than hanging out the wash, which men do not do well. Women have been taught by our mothers, but men haven't been taught at all.
    What a lovely "lake" for you to swim in, and it must be nice coming home without mud on your coat.
    Frankie sure is getting big. Babies always surprise everyone because they change so fast.
    —Kay and Lindy

  4. Nice to hear from you, again! Watch out for those kitties' sharp claws. My dog, Schultz, learned the hard way to stay away from Bootsy's claws!

  5. It HAS been quite a while since you blogged. Love the pictures and hearing about your games of fetch.

  6. Gus, thanks for the update. Always wonderful to hear an update regarding the canines, felines, and humans with whom you (temporarily or permanently) reside!! Smiles.

  7. So sorry to hear about Mr. H's brother, a sad time. In all other areas, a delightful post that I hope will give Mr. H. some comfort. My heartfelt condolences.

  8. Frankie is just adorable!

    I have no problem letting everyone see how the process of painting works. For me, at least, it's a very slow and methodical progression. I hope that even though it's pretty much a "private" affair, you can appreciate the work, frustration, and joy that goes into it. Have a super week! I'm heading back to my painting.

  9. Indeed you were a lazy boy, or rather your secretary was ! Now we are all updated ! The kitties are "big" cats now and very well integrated I suppose !

  10. I love the look of Simons Wood. I really do love green and shady areas. Lovely to see it used as a header photo. I'm glad you all had fun together.

  11. Babies and doggies and -- look at those gorgeous cats!!!


    Welcome back.


  12. Gus, You told a wonderful tale of your walk and the goings on at your house! Yes, you will always be bigger than the kittens si I hope you are gentle with them. :)

  13. Hi Gus - congratulations on your blogging and keeping us up to date with the goings on of Mr and Mrs H .. and that tot Frankie - he doesn't do so well on all fours does he! Looks like a great lad though ...

    Love seeing your places of walks etc .. those ponds sound fun ... while you are very well looked after ...

    Cheers to all the family if you could bark my 'cheers' to them .. Hilary

  14. Hey Gus!Happy birthday once again. Hope you had a great day.

    Though it's an older blog we only just could come by. Mummy's fault actually. She hasn't been helping us much.
    What a beautiful place you guys live in!! Wish we could come by and join you on your walkies...
    How nice of Mr. H to learn to operate the machine and hang clothes. Please tell him we are very sorry about his brother.

    Keep safe and keep wagging,
    Ginger, Buddy and Shadow


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