Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Twenty-Third Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke (Gus)

The Twenty-Third Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke (Gus)
Hello everyone!

It’s very busy in our house. There are so many rings at the door that us dogs have given up barking. Mrs H says that’s just as well or we would be ho(a)rse. I don’t understand that – we’re dogs and we couldn’t be horses if we tried.

Roxy saw her first horse the other day. She followed him, trying to sniff his bottom. Mrs H was worried about his hooves but they looked all right to me.

Roxy’s mum and dad had a new litter of puppies. Mr and Mrs H thought about having one of Roxy’s sisters but decided against it as they say they’ve got enough on their hands. I’ve just looked at their hands and I don’t know what they’re talking about. Mr H hasn’t got anything on his hands and there are only a couple of rings on Mrs H’s. Humans do say some funny things sometimes.
Bruno (left) and Bella 
Anyway, Gillian and Marnie have got a sister and brother of Roxy’s. They’re called Bella and Bruno. The first time we saw them they were really small and we couldn’t have a good look at them. 
Left to right: Foxy, Jenna, Bertie, Bella, Isla (human),Bruno, Gus
The next time they came we all went into Simons Wood together – it was fun. Since then Foxy died very suddenly. We were all very sad about that. She was Bertie and Buster’s aunt and lived with Gillian and Buster (Bertie’s brother) in Dorset. It’s a good thing Gillian has Bella otherwise Buster would be very lonely. I loved Foxy. I used to lie next to her and lick her for hours. Mrs H says she was the prettiest little puppy she’s ever seen. Course, I didn’t know her then. I’m only seven and she was eleven, the same age as Jenna.
Dominie with Foxy 
Roxy loves seeing the puppies. Last time, we all played in the garden ‘cos we didn’t have time to go to the woods. Mrs H took us out in the morning before Gillian and Marnie came and then all the humans went to Frankie’s birthday party. He was only little when he and Susannah came to live with us. He’s four now and quite grown up. 

He likes taking photos with Mrs H’s iPad and the other day he used her camera. 
He needs some more practice, I think.

The cats had their fourth birthday, too, but they didn’t have a party. They were terrified of us dogs when they first came here but now they love to snuggle up with us.

Left to right: Jellicoe, Isambard, Bertie
Top to bottom: Herschel, Bertie, Jellicoe, Isambard, Jenna
Christmas is coming. I’m still not sure what that is but the house is filling up with strange parcels and Frankie is getting very excited. He had to dress up as a sheep the other day for something called 'The Nurtivitee'. 

The cats liked his costume!

I don’t think there’s anything else to report. 

Be good.

Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That’s Welsh for ‘Goodbye for now!’)


  1. I loved the photos of all your 'babies' sweet. May you and they have a wonderful holiday season. I'd say Merry Christmas but you know, that's not politically correct lol.

  2. This was a fun and enjoyable post. Your little sheep is darling

  3. This was a fun and enjoyable post. Your little sheep is darling

  4. A lovely news filled post. Bella and Bruno were adorable puppies, it's nice now they're bigger you all go to the woods together when you can.
    Sad about Foxy though :(
    Frankie is a cute little sheep :)

  5. Hi Janice - love the photos and news of one and all - and Frankie is certainly growing up - bless him in his sheep clothes ... glad the big bad wolf wasn't around. This sounds like one wonderful Christmas ahead ... and then lots of good times ... enjoy the season and the littlies ... and dogs, and cats and I believe there's a husband nearby too?!?! Cheers Hilary

  6. My goodness already 4 years old ! Time flies by ! Toby is 6 now. And the kitties too I remember when you brought them home. The photos are so cute !

  7. 4 years ago Bing arrived - what a time it has been Dx


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