Friday, 27 March 2009

In my dreams . . .

Mr and Mrs C-D have invaded my subconscious!

Last night I had a most realistic and upsetting dream. A Magpie had flown into the holly tree, reached into the nest and grabbed a small squab. Mr/s C-D sat on the nest, unable to move. I hurried out and flapped my hands and made 'go away' noises and the Magpie did, with the unfortunate fledgling, only to be replaced by one of his friends or relations who was reaching into the nest and eating the contents of the remaining egg. Other Magpies seemed to be gathering just out of sight and I was faced with the prospect of repeatedly beating off an endless succession of the smartly-apparelled marauders.

Desperately searching for a more efficient means of deterring them I turned away and when I looked back they had gone, to be replaced by a large beautifully marked Song Thrush helping himself to the contents of the nest. Then I woke up.

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