Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mr and Mrs Collared Dove

Yesterday I was wondering if the brooding of the eggs was entirely the responsibility of Mrs Collared Dove. I looked in several of my bird books but couldn't find the information. Today the answer was revealed by the doves themselves. As I watched, one dove flew into the tree and shortly afterwards the other one left the nest and flew away. I'm ridiculously pleased to discover that the raising of their family is a joint effort. Unfortunately, I cannot tell which is male and which female since they dress alike. There has been loud calling coming from the nest. Is it to signal that it's time to change shifts?

There has been more Magpie activity, though not around the C-Ds' home. The Magpies are busily searching for their perfect mates prior to pairing off, and there seems to be some rivalry among the prospective suitors – it was ever thus.

The Great Spotted Woodpeckers are about as well – drumming on the trees, feeding on the fat cakes. Watch out, Mr and Mrs C-D – GSWs are just as much of a threat to your little family as Magpies!

I love Springtime – so much activity, life, freshness. What shall I see tomorrow? Rain and lower temperatures are forecast and wind too, so the butterflies and bees will not be much in evidence but the busy, busy birds will be taking every chance to feed while avoiding the Sparrowhawk.

Nature red in tooth and claw, indeed!

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