Monday, 15 June 2009

Carry on Tuesday - Barn Dance

A lantern light from deeper in the barn shone on a man and woman in the door

Deeper in the barn
A lantern light shone warmly
To welcome them in.

They stood a moment
The man supporting his wife
And then they stepped in.

Music and laughter,
A caller telling the steps –
They smiled and joined in.

A short while later
He pulled out a stiletto
And randomly slashed.

'No reason for it,'
The police officer said,
'Happily married.'

And the dead victims
Gazing sightlessly at him
Had been happy too.

Thank you to Keith for organising this meme.

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  1. Just the thing for a Monday morning, pre-breakfast ditty.

    I guess you know you look a lot like a dog, but then I look a lot like a shrub, and dogs pee on shrubs...but we won't go there.

    As for the spirea photo in your last post, Spiraea douglasii aka Douglas Spirea (or hardhack or steeple-bush) is plentiful here in the wilds of western Oregon, USA. It's blooms are purplish and appear in mid-summer. It was named--like so many local plants--after David Douglas.

  2. Hi,
    I was smiling at the memory of barn dances when I was young when all of a sudden I was shocked out of my reverie by the end! I wasn't expecting that.
    Thanks for your comment-it made me smile!

  3. Snowbrush, sorry to disturb your peaceful morning. Yes I am a bit of a dog - but what a handsome one. Thank you for the information about the Astilbe - our garden varieties range from white through pink, red and purple.
    Sarah,I wasn't expecting the end or even the beginning - it just happened that way. (Macabre, eh?) as for Summer Fairs, we have three primary schools within loudspeaker range but I rather like to hear the goings-on.

  4. What a spoky things happen in your barn Well written

  5. A very unexpected ending. But a lot of crimes are difficult to explain. The crime in my poem is understandable but equally evil.

  6. realy well done!! i wasn't expecting that ending at all!

  7. i could almost hear the music playing out of key!


  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Wowzer, loved your take of the prompt

  10. At least it was quick. Very clever twist!

  11. The rhythm had me dancing along and then. . . the surprise! Nice.

  12. Thank you kind folks. I really must try and curb the dark side of my nature . . . ;-)


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