Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Endless Saga of the Endless Pool – June 2009

P and J came to our house last Wednesday on P's birthday to continue working on the pool. We had selected floor tiles of a fairly neutral colour but with gradations and variations of shades – rather smart, we thought. Indeed, they do look very attractive.
Next came the task of laying the armoured cable. This was not a simple job; much drilling had to be undertaken but finally it was in place. Some electrical circuitry had to be accomplished.

They went home last Friday and returned again yesterday. The pool is now almost full and soon – maybe as soon as this coming Friday – the pumps will be started. I don't think any of us realised what a marathon task this was going to be. My part in the procedure has been to supply beds, food and beverages. Barry has been the 'gofer' and the provider of funds but at last – whisper itit is nearly finished!

Then we have to tidy up the outside – provide a proper step rather than the plank of wood we presently have, resting at an angle on a pile of beaten earth, apply another coat of paint to the pool room exterior and doubtless Barry too, build a wood shelter and move the piles of logs from the terrace in front of the gymnasium. Oh yes, there's work there for another twelve-month! (I do hope not!!)


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  2. Thank you Barbie - I'm sure you're right!


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