Sunday, 24 July 2011

I Saw Sunday Week 45 Foxy and the Magic Dish

 I have seen other blogs featuring I Saw Sunday and, today being Sunday, I decided to join in.

(Foxy is my eldest daughter’s fox red Labrador. She and Tia are staying with us while their family is on holiday.)

Foxy and the Magic Dish

Every morning Foxy finishes her breakfast and immediately crosses the kitchen to investigate the other dogs’ bowls. This is not unusual – all the dogs check each other’s dishes just to make sure there are no morsels remaining, then return to their own to confirm that there really is nothing left. Some of the more hopeful dogs wait for Winston Ocicat’s bowl to be available for perusal. Foxy is always one of this number.

The same ritual is performed at supper time. Despite the recurring disappointment of never finding any scraps, at various points during the day the humans are eating and there is a slim possibility of crumbs being offered for canine delectation. Again, sadly, the dogs are usually thwarted.

Foxy, however, is the eternal optimist and the kitchen rings to the sound of metal dishes clattering across the floor as she enthusiastically licks, and licks, and licks again, rushing from one bowl to the next, tail wagging, tongue working overtime.

I think at some point Foxy must have heard the story of the Magic Porridge Pot and truly believes that if she tries really, really hard, the dishes will magically refill and she will be in seventh Labrador heaven. I fear she is destined to perpetual deflation – which is just as well, since she would otherwise be subject to huge inflation.


  1. I love the way dogs always check the other dogs dishes ... I know a few people like that too LOL
    Wonderful pictures :o)

  2. You have to love a dog's optimism! Brilliantly worded, and I loved your last line!

  3. Foxy's a lovely dog. Love the flowers in your blog header.

  4. Wonderful, I love this. :-)

    Anyone who has had more than one dog in the house will recognise this! I loved Deborahs comment too, I hope she wasn't talking about me. LOL

    Thanks very much for joining us at I Saw Sunday, it is great to have you on board. I hope you will consider become a regular. ;-)

  5. Animals are so interesting. I love this story.

  6. Ah . . . I had two yellow labradors, and how I miss those gentle ladies. They clattered their bowls and went through the same rituals as yours.

  7. Lovely dog, great pictures. I tried to read the text, but the faded green colour is very trying on my old eyes. I got the gist, though.

  8. Foxy has the face of an optimist, too, with that big Labrador grin.
    I can just imagine the dish-inspecting at your house. What a sight that must be!
    Lindy is an only dog but she is still a dish inspector. She gets a bit of yogurt morning and night, and is forever licking her yogurt bowl because it is white, like yogurt, so she has to make sure there's none hiding there.
    Dogs certainly don't need to be taught "tricks" — they are so entertaining doing their own thing.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  9. Love dog stories. My last dog was a Norwegian Elkhound and she would finish her own bowl, then wait beside the bathroom door to see if she could sneak inside and get to the cat's bowl. The cat, ever vigilant would race inside, get up in the dog's face and slap her on the nose. At which point, the Elkhound's tail would droop and she'd slink away. No matter how many times I saw it, I would laugh aloud at the sad long face the Elkhound wore, each time she tried.


  10. Lovely photos! And that header is beautiful. :-)


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