Thursday, 28 July 2011

Is it Christmas already?

Xmas tree.svg
Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons
It’s July 28th and today my first Christmas catalogue arrived. It’s true that it was disguised as the Autumn RNLI publication but inside are pages of cards and calendars, diaries and festive goodies.

I support the RNLI and recognise its need to raise funds but  . . . but . . . words fail me. I 
expect there will be a bucket-load of Yuletide catalogues arriving in the next few days. 

Maybe it’s just as well that we haven’t put the Christmas decorations away, yetJ (Do we ever? Occasionally!)


  1. This makes me want to say one of those old-lady things, which will probably annoy younger bloggers. When I was young, Christmas advertising waited until the weather got cold. November 1 at the earliest.
    I hate when I have to say old-lady things, but July isn't even over yet.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  2. That is funny. I hate getting the Winter Sears catalog in the summer. Makes me want to throw it across the room.

  3. They're getting earlier and earlier aren't they Janice? Nope, not ready for it yet, not by a long shot.

  4. I started seeing Back-to-School ads last month. The tykes had barely begun their summer vacations when the merchants tried to push them back to school.

    I too expect Christmas catalogs to start arriving shortly.

  5. It's too soon for Christmas. I wish they could leave seasons within the season.

  6. Christmas catalogues - already? Oh no!

  7. That's incredible! Christmas already? Thank goodness we haven't gotten any yet!

  8. I wonder if it would help to move Christmas to early summer... They might then wait until after Easter. Although on local radio I've been hearing of local pubs and restaurants canvassing for Christmas Dinners - and one even for next Easter!

  9. Dear God! I can't even begin to think about Christmas right now.

  10. No, please, I don't want to know.

    We set the programme for several months of poetry readings yesterday, up to a month before Christmas.

    No, go away/

  11. There are some years that I don't think Christmas ever is "over" I'll see left over paper on sale, lights that never got taken down, a Christmas in July sale etc. It allows Christmas to exist all year round :)

  12. Oh I do so dislike Christmas in July -- or any time else until we are MUCH closer to the time. But since it's the RNLI I have to forgive them

  13. Oh, my goodness, a Christmas catalog in July is a bit TOO early. Of course, it might be a good idea to get a heard start on Christmas presents so one can have a stress-free December.


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