Monday, 4 July 2011

Maffick Monday #3 What if birds ruled the world?

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Alicia is hosting Maffick Monday. Her prompt this week is ‘What if birds ruled the world?’ Thank you, Alicia J

If birds ruled the world -
Would they whinge at the noises we make
And complain that we kept them awake, 
If birds ruled the world ?

Would we all live in pens 
And struggle to stand up in cages,
Pecking out eyes in our rages,
Just battery hens?

They could put us in zoos,
To display to the public each day,
Who’d want us to show ‘cause they’d paid
And waited in queues.

If birds ruled the world
Would they keep us in lofts with our own class
And train us to fly by the bright stars,  
When night was unfurled?

If birds ruled the world
Would they show compassion and kindness
Or treat us with man’s sort of blindness,
If birds ruled the world? 


  1. I absolutley love the idea of birds putting us in zoos. Also, "man's blindness" was a nice touch. Interesting to see how we treat wildlife and what life would be like if wildlife treated us that way. Thanks for participating.

  2. I was touched by your poem. We are a cruel species.

  3. Like us, I'm sure they'd be a mixture of good and bad so we'd probably end up in the same mess!

  4. lovely prompt.

    your imagination is divine,

  5. I was going to say something about a virtual 6 for your virtual cricketer, but decided that would be too obscure - instead I would lke to applaud your bird-sense and fine poem.

    best wishes Isabel


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