Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Poetry Jam Sixty-seven

Poetry Jam invites consideration of the age of 67. (I think consideration AT the age of 67 would be better.)

A further challenge is to write in an unfamiliar form. 'If you're a rhymer, don't rhyme. If you're not a rhymer, rhyme.' 

H'mm! The trouble is that I'm a wordy soul(that's WORDY not WORTHY) and never know when to stop. Maybe it's just my age;-)

I’m sixty-seven now, have been for months -
It’s just another number 
Or so I tell myself and believe it
Until I pass a mirror!
Though I swim and garden and walk the dogs,
Getting up from a chair is tough -
It’s nothing to do with the passing years,
I was fine till New Year’s Eve.
Then I danced and jived in my high-heeled shoes
Until the midnight hour.
Long journeys to take the dogs to Dorset
Who spent the night with daughter
And then home again the very next day
Caused sacroiliac pain
So that I lurched like a drunken sailor -
You’d think one leg was shorter.
It’s much better now, though I use a pole
When I’m walking in the woods;
It’s just for confidence, you understand -
Tripping on tree roots is jarring
And a folding stick accompanies me
If I have to walk elsewhere.
My daughters and son worry about this –
It’s an unusual sight for them.
They see beyond the casual excuse,
Believing that I’m ageing.
I shall not dance again next New Year’s Eve,
Or at least not in high heels.
When I’m sixty-eight I’ll be walking straight
And rising with ease from seats.
Don’t they say that great wisdom comes with age?
How much older must I be?

Barry and I both use Pacerpoles. He uses two because he's sensible. I use one, because I'm not and also I need one hand for the AquaKong - or to grab Frodo, the over-protective Velcro dog.


  1. A delightful post, Janice.
    I have two of those folding canes, and they're great. I also have a cane that folds out into a 3-legged stool or chair for times when I just must stop.
    If the pain in the bottoms of my feet continues to lessen, I will be able to walk with Dick and Lindy, so perhaps I need one or two of those poles. Must investigate same.
    Thanks! I always get something out of your blog, whether a smile, a laugh, a tear, or good sound advice.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  2. I don't use pacer poles but it sounds sensible to me. I'm usually carrying a camera so the poles might get in my way, though.

  3. This pacerpole seems like a good idea for stability.
    Hmm, I'm wondering when the wisdom is going to arrive, too. The age is creeping up ...


    You're just a baby!

  5. Wonderfully written ... I want some pacerpoles! :o)

  6. I can't be expected to remember back that far!

    Love your poem -does pluck the memory strings a bit!

    I think it very worthy.

  7. nice colorful cane....i doubt 67 will be far enough for me to grow up...

  8. Never heard of Pacerpoles before, but love the word... Your colourful one is luscious.

  9. I agree age is just number before something or part of your body gives away. Looks interesting from my view ~

    Thanks for sharing this and take care ~

  10. Dancing in high heels is a feat of great courage when one is mature in age. If you really did that, hats off to you!

  11. Hmm - I'm FORTYseven & I gave up high heels years ago. But that's just my arthritis talking. Maybe after my surgery I'll try heels again!

    LOVE the folding cane! I think I might need one - in that very color :)

  12. I love the rhythm of this.
    Occasionally, I carry a shillelagh with me on walks... just in case a coyote enters my path.


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