Friday, 29 July 2011

The Sixth Family Birthday of the Year

Today my only son’s only daughter celebrates her tenth birthday.

Eve is dark-haired, dark-eyed, a dainty, neatly-made little girl with an enchanting smile and a great deal of charm. She wears her heart on her sleeve and could be described as ‘sunshine and showers’ – she’s quick to tears but just as quickly coaxed out of them. She also has a very strong streak of determination that some might call stubbornness, particularly Nina, her mother, with whom she has some vigorous ‘discussions’.

Eve is a self-confessed ‘girly girl’ but is not as fond of pink as she used to be. I think purple is her favourite colour now. She enjoys the traditional female pursuits of dressing up and – very occasionally – wearing nail polish. When she has the chance she likes to apply make-up to any willing adult and does so quite skilfully. She is the youngest of our three granddaughters and it is good for her to spend time with her teenage cousins who enjoy gently indulging her. As the only girl in her own family she sometimes finds it hard to make her voice heard above her two brothers’ robust remarks.

Eve has loved reading from an early age and takes every opportunity to open a book and lose herself in it. Consequently, her vocabulary is extremely good. She belongs to the gardening club at her school and impressed Barry the last time she was in our garden with her knowledge of the plants. She is also creative like her younger brother, Louis, and spends much time drawing and making things.

When I go to Eve’s house to sit with her and her brothers while their parents are out, she and Elliot are most solicitous, offering refreshments at regular intervals. She is a lovely, sweet-natured child but becoming more serious as she grows older. She, and her brothers, are a credit to Nina and Gareth, and a joy to us all.


  1. Aww... such a sweet post and delightful read. My daughter is bombarded by two brothers, too (I feel sorry for her sometimes, but I think it will work to her advantage when she starts dating).

    Eve sounds (and looks) adorable> I can tell she's not spoiled by her gramma at all. Happy Birthday, Eve!

  2. What a lovely tribute to your granddaughter. Her name is so beautiful, it seems it matches her personality. Gardening, art and reading are wonderful hobbies.

  3. Happy Birthday to Eve. She sounds like a wonderful young lady.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Eve sounds delightful, Janice, and seems to be a real treasure to you and Barry, as well as to her teenage cousins.
    I enjoyed reading about her because my youngest niece will be 10 this year, and has many of the same traits. I'm very proud of my young niece and nephew for having vivid imaginations and preferring to read, draw, paint and create, as Eve does, rather than stare at a screen all the time (like their Auntie Kay, LOL).

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  5. Happy 10th Birthday Eve!
    What a beautiful, happy girl ... I just LOVED your discription of her :o)


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