Sunday, 31 July 2011

Whoops! or A New Way to Wash the Floor

I know that tea-leaves used to be used to clean carpets in the nineteenth century. Used leaves were spread across the floor and then swept up. I learnt this from one of Valerie Martin’s novels where there were frequent references to a servant carrying out this task.

I have not heard of tea, particularly hot tea, in recently brewed liquid form, being applied to bare floors but this is what happened this morning. It was unintentional and was dispensed from this vessel . . .
. . . as Gus barged past. He received a hot shower, and so did Barry. Gus’s thick coat prevented any damage and Barry’s trousers did likewise.

Sadly, the mug broke when it hit the floor.

It is appropriate that it was dispatched by one of the breeds depicted on it.


  1. Aww--and such a cute mug! At least you're able to laugh about it, and glad no one was burned. Love your new header. I *almost* leaned in to sniff my computer screen....

  2. It is appropriate! My brother had a St.Bernard whose tail used to sweep everything off the coffee table when he visited.

  3. Speaking of tea and breakages, I had a cat once who managed to break a teapot while I was in the process of wrapping it up for Christmas. Luckily it was empty of any tea (leaves or otherwise)

  4. Glad no one was burned, Janice, but how about the floor? Did the tea clean it at all?

    — Kay, Alberta, Canada

  5. Well I suppose the cup can be replaced. It is such a nice looking one. But the dog cannot be as easily replaced!

  6. I've noticed any mug which is wider at its top than at its base is a potential over-tipper. I always go for the straight sided ones these days...

  7. Oh dear! What a shame. That was such a cute mug too. Tea leaves on the carpet? That's awfully interesting.


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