Friday, 27 September 2013

Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't . . .

Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t . . . take good photos that is and then I ask Barry, who is patient and knows what he's doing.

We picked a lot of apples from our trees. 
These look rather ghostly . . .
. . . and these look as though they've been dancing.

 These are better
Frodo approves - he approves of all things edible
Just two of the many containers of apples

What to do with them all? We shall give some away and we shall eat some, of course, raw, on their own, with cheese, cooked in stir fry or added to curry, roasted with chicken, pickled to make chutney with onions, partnered with blackberries and currants to make pie and crumble. We shan't be making wine with them. We shall make apple sauce but mostly we'll just look at them and wonder at the bountiful harvest.

The crab apples are not quite ripe yet but we shall make crab apple jelly with them - the colour alone is a joy to behold.

We have a handful of quince - maybe enough to make a thimbleful of quince jelly.


  1. This is what we have to do in the next week. 3 trees to pick!

  2. Wow, you can be Lady Bountiful with all those, as long as you share them with Frodo.
    Lindy agrees with Frodo. In fact, apples are her present favourite food. Usually she shares one with her daddy at 10pm. It's a ritual. When he's away, it's catch as catch can with me.
    I gave her half an apple Tuesday evening, forgot about it Wednesday, and cut up the second half last night. Fortunately, I'd wrapped it in plastic and put it in the fridge, and she didn't mind a bit of brown on it.
    Aha, I heard mysterious sounds under our ornamental crabapple tree and now it has stopped. I must peer out to see. Oh yes, someone is mowing the weeds. Noisy, but necessary.

  3. Beautiful, delicious looking apples!! Tried to reach in the basket for one, but the darn computer screen wouldn't get out of the way!!

  4. I rather like those action type photos. The blurring gives it a different effect. Frodo eats apples? I didn't even know dogs ate fruits.

  5. Geez tonight I will dream to be buried under a mountain of apples !

    I eat 6 apples per day, but even with my help you still have enough for the next 10 years, lol !

  6. I actually like the blurry shots! :-) It's supposed to be a good year for apples all over, and while I don't know anyone who has any trees I'll def be at the farmer's market getting some. (I enjoyed summer's bounty, but I'm rather sick of melons right now.)

  7. Apples are one of my favourite fruits. The last time I had granny smiths here, I planned on making a crumble, so cooked them up, then couldn't be bothered with the crumble part, so it was stewed apples and custard for several nights, with more in the freezer.

  8. How lovely! I can barely resist apples, especially the ones that get transformed into pies!!

    I like what you say of Frodo...that he approves of anything edible. That sounds exactly like our Buddy boy :O)

  9. We have a LOT of apples this year too. We have a friend who wants most of them to make apple cider, which is perfect because our apples are organic and so not free of worms. I admire you for finding so many uses for yours!

  10. These apples -- all apples -- are beautiful! I know what you mean about enjoying looking at them. I'm sure it's even more enjoyable because the pride that comes with having picked them. Does your dog like fruit? Mine loves veggies.

    I always admire the resilience and longevity of apples.

  11. When we bought Golden Delicious apples by the bushel, that meant it was apple butter making time! Your apples would be perfect!

  12. I make applesauce with my students. We peel, slice and dice them and put them in a blender. You have an abundance. No apple pie or cobbler? Apple pancakes?

  13. Hi Janice .. apples for a warming breakfast platter - with or without porridge, or with or without cereal .. etc .. and all the things you mention ... apple fluff as a desert ... apples and custard, apple crumble ... good stocks for the winter months ..

    Cheers Hilary


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