Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Challenge

Words for Wednesday

Delores from ‘’Under ThePorch Light’ offers twelve words this week to inspire. We may mix and match as we wish – the words are spasm, uneventful, trek, early, limestone, felt and bland, curious, reeks, indefinite, morning, fulminate.
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The Challenge

Her life was bland and uneventful compared to others or so she felt. That was why she had decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Writing that in capitals in her journal had the curious effect of galvanising her into action. Her husband laughed at her, not unkindly, but his reaction caused her to fulminate at his attitude.

‘I’m serious,’ she said. ‘I’ve thought hard about this and I’ve volunteered to go on a climb to raise money for charity.’

When he realised she was serious he rearranged his expression to one of solemnity and offered to accompany her.

‘Thank you for your offer but this is something I need to do on my own.’

This caused her husband to guffaw once more. ‘You won’t be on your own,’ he pointed out with maddening logic between spasms of laughter. ‘It’s a trek up a limestone mountain with a group of experienced mountaineers.’

 ‘You know what I mean,’ she countered. ‘I shall be leaving early next Thursday morning.’

‘I’ll miss you,’ he said.

‘I’ll miss you, too,’ she replied, ‘But it’s not as though I’m going for an indefinite period.’

‘How long will you be away?’ he asked.

‘I expect to return the following Wednesday.’

On the day she left he drove her to the railway station where she was to meet the rest of the group. He didn’t know, and neither did she, that it would be the last time he would see her. When the news came of her fatal fall from the mountain he wept. His wife’s life had become far more exciting than she had intended.


  1. What a sad ending. Very sad. Very well written though.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  2. She should have let him come with her....she could have taken him with her on the downward plunge.

  3. I loved this. I hope she felt a sense of achievement...

  4. Very sad. Whenever someone says good-bye to another person, they need to realize it might be the last time. It always could be, though unexpected.

  5. Explain? Sounds excellent - from the depths of my armchair!

  6. She died??
    Well, that was certainly life changing.
    Really great story with a shock ending.

  7. Huh! That will show him!
    She really meant it...


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