Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Consequences of Idleness

Thanks to Josie of ‘Two Shoes Tuesday’ who hosts this writing meme. Her prompts this week are ‘Distraction’ or ‘Tears’. Participants may choose one or other or both of the prompt words.
I didn’t know where I was going with this one – and as you can see, I’m not convinced I ever found out . . .
        The Consequences of Idleness
I was drowsy with inaction -
Neither seeking a reaction
Nor requesting satisfaction,
I admitted an attraction
Which provided stupefaction
Though I wanted no transaction –
It was simply a distraction.
I intended no infraction
Or similar abstraction
From another’s tender traction.

BUT it led to jeers and tears
From relatives and peers
Who asserted their worst fears,
Repeated through the years,
Had reached their outraged ears.

I took the quickest action
To calm the angry faction
And wrote a stiff retraction
To abandon a protraction –
My character’s contraction
Caused me dissatisfaction
And all because inaction
Had allowed me a distraction.


  1. This is really cool!! Love it! Hope your week is going well!!

  2. Great work....I love it.

  3. I like your rhyme here, it is to my satisfaction
    as being clever. The rhyme is a small distraction
    in the first reading as the poem is sparse in action.

  4. I agree with Jim--this is very clever!! Well done! :-)

  5. Very clever, lots of action.

  6. This was a great post. It would have taken me days to put a rhyme like this together...if I ever could.

  7. Wow! What a great transformation of the TST prompts into a winner! This was so clever and well done, I totally enjoyed it! :-)

  8. Great, I really liked it! Nice poem, great rhymes. : )


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