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Words for Wednesday - 13.11.2013

Words for Wednesday – 13.11.2013

Delores from ‘Under The Porch Light’ offers six words as a writing prompt – glittering, nasal, super, venting, spurious, chain – or a sentence – Faster than a lie from a cheating husband. Why not visit her and see what other writing has been prompted?

It had been a superb meal, a celebration to mark their ninth wedding anniversary.  When her husband’s phone rang she sighed. It would be something to do with work she guessed. Couldn’t they have an uninterrupted evening together for once? He was too conscientious she told him as he smiled apologetically and called two cabs, one to take her home, the other to drive him back to the office. He kissed her lightly on the lips and as she was about to clamber into the cab she heard the nasal tones of his boss. ‘Celebrating something, are we?’ he grinned, winking at her. Her husband laughed and ushered Tillie into the dark interior, shutting the door firmly behind her. She fingered the fine gold chain at her neck, a nervous habit, and stared out at the two men, trying to hear what they were saying as the cab edged away from the kerb into the busy traffic.

It began to rain, puddles on the pavements glittering in the street lights, exhaust fumes venting from stationary vehicles as they waited for the traffic lights to change. Tillie thought back over the evening, pondering how quickly a mood can change. She had been so happy until the phone call. How many times had a phone call affected her life with her husband? How many times had he told her he had to go into work? And this time? Her husband’s words came back to her. ‘That was the boss. He needs me to work on some final details. I’m sorry. I won’t be late home.’

Yet the boss had been there, at the restaurant. Tillie acknowledged what she had suspected for many months. She recognised her husband’s spurious excuses and explanations for the lies they had been. She felt the icy chill of betrayal grip her heart, harder and faster than a lie from a cheating husband.


  1. Fabulous story.....what a great job AND you used both prompts.

  2. @Delores: I can't resist a challenge ;-)

  3. Love it! Will have to have a go - once all decorating is done I'll have more time but definitely!

  4. Ouch. This is wonderful. And I want to know what she decides to do about it...

  5. Oh, Tillie, you have some discoveries to make and an excellent lawyer to find! Great use of words and prompt.

  6. Great story. You really captured the people and situation in a few words.

  7. Naughty husband! Nicely done with all those words!

  8. I envy your way with words

  9. Oh this is excellent! You had me confused for a minute...a phone call from the boss,yet he was right there? Then I read on...

  10. Thank you all for your kind comments.

  11. and the cheating husband has probably promised wedding bells to the "boss", and a divorce from his wife which probably will never happen ! Tilly can be assured !

  12. This gave me chills! I want to read what happens next....

  13. Fantastic story, great use of words and prompt.


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