Saturday 6 October 2012

Henri le Chat

Henri le Chat is a beautiful black and white cat of somewhat sombre temperament who is becoming a YouTube phenomenon. His life is a series of existential crises.

‘Paw de Deux’ is the second film he has narrated and there are subtitles for those who do not speak Henri’s brand of French.


  1. I ADORE Henri and his videos! I think the first one is my favorite of the three so far, but I love the ending of this one, and BW and I often say, "I am surrounded by morons" in our best Henri impersonations. :-) I hope he and his people come out with more videos! They're so clever and funny.

  2. OMG this sounds like my life lol.

  3. Geez !Besides that the "Chat noir" was an old cabaret in Paris from 18hundred something, the black cat was also used as a coffee advertising in early 1900 It's very very difficult to understand the French ! In fact it's more "Frenchglish" ! I had to read the English subtitles to understand better. Now I don't want to offend anybody, but I wonder what is so special with this video ?

  4. Hi Janice .. that was such fun - "I'm surrounded by idiots" - that fat white one and his cheeseburgers ...

    Just fun - thanks for sharing with us .. loved it - Hilary


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