Thursday 11 April 2013

Conservatory Cats' Chats April 2013

Conservatory Cats’ Chats (C3) April 2013

Jellicoe: We are pleased to report that all is proceeding satisfactorily. The longer we spend with The THINKER and The MAID the more relaxed we are with them. 

Isambard: Although we refer to ourselves as the Conservatory Cats the truth is that we spend very little time in the conservatory these days. The THINKER has renamed us The ENTROPY GANG.

Herschel: We thought that sounded rather complimentary and quite superior until The MAID told us the definition of ENTROPY.

Jellicoe: We were surprised to learn that it means ‘a state of disorder; a lack of pattern or organisation.’

Isambard: Then we didn’t know whether we should be flattered or insulted.

Herschel: We decided it was a tribute to our presence. After all, it is better to be noticed than ignored.

Jellicoe: It is certainly true that we have made an impact. When we are engaged in what The MAID calls our ‘‘Wall of Death’ moments we have noticed that objects are displaced and fall to the floor.

Isambard: At such times, usually once or twice a day, we are invited to spend time on the STAIRS. We can hurtle up and down those to our hearts’ content without fear of harm or injury to ourselves or others.

Herschel: We have been fully integrated with the DOGS since we last blogged. It happened very quickly in the end.

Jellicoe: First we met the one the Servants call JENNA. She is black and the smallest of the DOGS.

Isambard: Then the spotted DOG was introduced to us. He is called FRODO.

Herschel: Finally the two youngest DOGS were allowed to greet us nose to nose. GUS is big and black and BERTIE is big and golden.
Bertie with Herschel
Jellicoe: Isambard, who admits he is the most timid of the three of us, is very confident around the DOGS and seeks them out to play. He particularly likes BERTIE.
Bertie with Herschel and Jellicoe
 Isambard: Yes, he is a little rough at times and does not understand CATetiquette (CATS do not sniff bottoms) but I understand he is still quite immature. It seems that DOGS take a long time to grow up. He will learn.

Herschel: We are intrigued by OUTDOORS. The DOGS go in and out several times a day. Unlike us they do not use litter trays. We are keen to explore OUTDOORS too, but we are not allowed out.

Jellicoe:  The Servants have indicated that we shall be able to go into the OUTDOORS which they call the GARDEN in the SUMMER when a special fence will have been erected.

 Isambard: We rush to the patio door when the DOGS ask to go out but the Servants prevent our egress. They have started organising the GARDEN so that we can join them OUTDOORS though they say we shall not be permitted to explore without them in attendance except in our small enclosure which will have a roof.

Herschel: It is because of the RED KITE which could snatch us up and carry us away. There is a SPARROWHAWK, too, but we think that is less of a threat to us. SPARROWHAWKS usually only eat small birds.

Jellicoe: We could eat small birds, too. We like watching the birds and we would love to catch them.

Isambard:  The Servants like watching the birds, too. The MAID puts food out for them. Perhaps she is fattening them up for us.
The very small servant is called ISLA
Herschel: What else has changed? Another very small Servant has been born. We haven’t seen her yet but our Servants went to visit her the other day and took lots of photos. Oh, yes, we no longer sleep in our pen. Instead, when the Servants and the DOGS go to bed we almost join them.

Jellicoe: That’s to say we go up the STAIRS but we don’t go into their bedroom. We sleep in our radiator beds – that’s when we’re not playing.

Isambard: We call out to them when we hear them waking up in the morning. Sometimes The Maid has to let one or two of the DOGS out 
in the middle of the night. She never looks very happy about that.

Herschel: We’re always quite sleepy so we don’t bother to chase her down the STAIRS and play the ‘Let’s see if we can go OUTDOORS’ game.

Jellicoe: I’m sure she appreciates our consideration. After all she really needs her beauty sleep – and as much of it as she can get.

Isambard: I think my favourite Servant is The THINKER.  I like to cuddle up to him though The MAID will do if he’s not around.

Herschel: Jellicoe and I don’t mind who we sit on, just so long as we’re stroked and told how beautiful we are.

Jellicoe: We all purr as soon as anyone looks at us. I still have the loudest voice of all, though Herschel is quite noisy, too.

Isambard: I remain the quietest brother. I had to go and see Nadia-the-Vet the other day because my eye was sore. It’s all right now – nothing to worry about. She thinks I probably knocked it when my brothers and I were playing. The MAID says we’re all going to the vet soon and we’ll have to stay there for a whole day. I don’t mind if we’re all going together but I’d rather not go, really.

Herschel:  There’s one thing I do to The MAID that she doesn’t seem to like. I bite her hands. She knows I’m only being affectionate but it hurts and makes her hands sore. She says it reminds her of another cat long ago – Angus. I wish I had known him – he sounds quite a character.

Well, it’s time for us to have another snooze. I’ll say goodbye from all of us.



  1. This is a wonderful post and a lovely read, very entertaining. The very small servant called Isla is adorable! Congratulations on her arrival :) and tell all those kitties that they are very eloquent.

  2. How nice to finally get some news of your new cat family ! I started to think about asking you per email, but now I found your post ! Everything seems to be going very well. Rosie too bit when she was a kitten and even a bit later until once she bit me while I was sleeping and without thinking I gave her a smack ! Ever since she bites Mr. G. but not me anymore ! It's so nice that they go so well together with the dogs !
    The new baby is adorable !
    Do you still call them by their full names ? they seem so complicated and long ! I just imagine myself shouting into the neighborhood "Isaaaambaard", lol !

  3. They're so beautiful! Great article too!

  4. They're so beautiful! Great article too!

  5. Hi Janice-or should I say 'the maid'?! I realise it has been ages since I visited as a new baby has arrived(Isla is beautiful!) and so have three pretty cats. I enjoyed reading their blog-they are quite well bred aren't they? I am afraid to let them know, but my cats all happily sniff each others bottoms-unless I push them away that is-they tend to do it when another one is eating-how unpleasant!
    Glad to catch up anyway-it looks all go round at yours!

  6. Missing you at this year's A to Z Challenge! But this update with cats was fun!

  7. Isla is beautiful, Janice, and the cats are extraordinarily good writers, with extensive vocabularies, even if they didn't know "entropy" was slightly insulting.
    Herschel has the most amazing colouring, but all three cats have beautiful markings. I've never seen an Ocicat in person. I love their ears.
    Bertie looks all grown up, but of course he'll take a while to mature. Meanwhile, I'm sure the kittens are also maturing and won't let him hurt them in his enthusiasm.

  8. The Entropy Gang is the perfect description! I'm sure they are no less pampered for that.
    Hadn't thought about the Red Kites though.. eek.

  9. Wonderful to hear about all your cats. They are so well mannered and of course, beautiful. Now we need to hear about Bertie too. My cat is an indoor cat because we not only have red hawks and ospreys but a good number of coyotes who are looking for an easy meal.

  10. Funny to learn the cat's personalities through this dialogue!
    What a beautiful brand new little human "servant"!

  11. I have to confess that I'm neither a doggie nor a catty person, but I thought this a truly glorious write.
    Almost you persuade me...

  12. this is delightful!
    I could hear the words in cat voice
    I love the smallest servant :)

    wonderful family

  13. this baby is looking like fresh baby doll.

  14. Hi Janice .. what a magnificent post - loved the story line and so pleased everyone is settling ..

    ... erecting a fence - now that's something personified for the cats - yes against the hawk and the kite ... but fenced in the garden while you're there ... ?

    Isla looks stunning - happy grandparents time ...

    Cheers and good luck with all the maintenance .. cat protection land! Hilary

  15. Hard to do anything else with the distractions our furry friends create

  16. Isla is so beautiful! How blessed your family is! Loved hearing how the cats are doing. They are such interesting looking cats and I'll bet they are very happy living with you and your husband. They are lucky.

  17. Very clever, Janice! Love the commentary & photos.

    Happy Spring to You!

  18. "Very small servant" indeed. :-)



  19. I do love your beautiful kitties! Thank you so very much for your kind words regarding Sam Schnauzer's death! The love and kindness shown has helped ease the pain!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  20. Beautiful coats on those cats!

  21. Hope you will share an update soon. It has been waaayyy too long.


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