Wednesday 8 May 2013

Words for Wednesday

Words for Wednesday

Delores from 'The Feathered Nest' offered six words as a writing prompt - buzzing, intrepid, clang, broken, flash, cliff. Why not visit her and see what other writing has been prompted?
Jellicoe, Isambard and Herschel gazing into the garden

A frantic buzzing at the window attracts the attention of curious kittens. An errant bee behind the curtains has forgotten the way out.

Eager to display their hunting skills, the intrepid stalkers prowl, chittering, sharp eyes on their potential prey. It is not hunger that drives them but instinct. Their excitement grows as the bee escapes into the room. They leap and twist, a flurry of felines, each trying to outwit the others and gain the prize.

Young and inexperienced, they sometimes miscalculate their jumps and there is a clang and clatter of objects they have simply not seen. Undeterred by broken shards of china and glass they redouble their efforts to capture the intruder. Paws flash and tails lash as the furniture becomes a series of cliffs to be scaled in the pursuit.

The end comes swiftly. The bee makes a final desperate dash for the window and, to the chagrin of the kittens, flees to the garden to resume its normal routine. The kittens, not caring to show their disappointment, take up their positions in patches of sunlight and groom themselves and each other before succumbing to sleep.

A bumble bee working hard


  1. Great job and thanks for joining in on the Wednesday fun.
    What beautiful fur babies you have.

  2. Hi Janice .. they are so lucky - nothing to clean up .. just forget they failed and fall asleep in the sun now!!

    Glad the bee got away too .. lovely story of summer sun and open doors or windows .. cheers Hilary

  3. Now that's a fun post Janice, cute kittens and a great shot of the bee and flower too.

  4. Better so ! for the bee and for their little noses !
    Arthur has found a new sleeping place, He sneaked into Dominique's house and she found him sleeping on the bird cage ! The little yellow canary didn't bother at all and twittered with pleasure ! Strange friendship !

  5. Hi Jabblog,

    I just love that name, Isambard. It has such a sophisticated ring to it.


  6. I can picture this scene. It makes me smile. I AM glad that the bee escaped though. We need all the bees (for pollination) that we can get. I just wrote a poem on that subject this morning.

  7. Whew, that was a close one! I'm glad the bee escaped to fight (and pollinate) another day! I love the photo of your three feline furbabies gazing at the garden - is there catmint planted out there, perhaps? :-) The lighting in that photo is so pretty. And the fuzzy little bee butt sticking out of the pretty flower is precious!

    I have a hard time picturing cats being clumsy, but I suppose there would be a kittenish learning curve, and your description of the collateral damage in the "classroom" was vivid and amusing (I'd be locking away my breakables till they've mastered their skills!) :-)

  8. They are certainly growing..


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