Sunday 19 June 2016

The Sisters Death and Night

For each night’s sleep is a little death
When the Sisters enter, arm in arm,
Smiling gently at each breath,
Wondering which of them will charm
The soul to dream or travel on?

And if at dawn the sleeper stirs,
Death nods to Night, cedes her downfall,
On this still morning she defers
To Night who knows Death conquers all -
Death whispers soft, ‘Anon, anon.’

A small amount of plagiarism – I had not realised I had used Arthur Schopenhauer’s words in the first line, or a variation of them, until I thought them rather familiar and researched them

To see more and better verse please follow the link here


  1. I like the tone of this piece, and the imagery is also very strong - the two sisters arm in arm and not knowing which will lead the mortal on.

  2. Yes each night's a parting of sorts... I do like the way it's told the way it's really the death that has the last word.

  3. This is really a lovely piece--the rhythm is like a nodding off, and the idea of night as a practice for death--very deftly done. Thanks. k.

  4. I am envious that you have FOUR dogs, you lucky! Astonishingly, I just posted my poem and said the same thing about sleep being a little death....then came here as I read the other links..........I had better go back and credit the little death phrase, too. I love that Death "nods to Night, and cedes downfall" and Death replies "anon, anon". Very cool.

  5. A lovely poem, sad and sweet.

  6. Nice writing, J.B. I was intrigued by the lines,
    "Wondering which of them will charm
    The soul to dream or travel on?"

    I wonder how they chose?
    How do 'Sisters' chose? I thought that was decided before the relationship became.

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  7. Fine stuff here -- this extends the nursery prayer -- now I lay me down to sleep -- with the question forming the lot cast between Night and Death. With Night we waken from each day anew, but if Death wins the toss -- Anon, anon. Yes. Doesn't get more primal than that, and the rhyme and meter pour it perfectly.

  8. A formal cadence suits the subject, yet the verse itself is light and airy in feel. I like the nod, especially--it seems very sisterly.

  9. Reading the camaraderie with which the two sisters enter. I also thought of the Nursery Prayer mentioned by Blueloran.
    Enjoyed yours and thank you for dropping in to read mine

    Much love...

  10. I wonder if Death and Night sit around for tea, discussing how much longer the dream will go on... before the soul settles into her final sleep?

    I've really enjoyed these pairing of Death and Night.

  11. Death and night sit patiently. One never knows for sure when sleep will become eternal. Death will ultimately receive each of us, but I like she communes with night.

  12. Beautiful. Death can afford to be patient. Time is on her side. Always.

  13. Elephant's Child has it spot on.
    Anna :o]

  14. It's kind of fun to personify death and night. I can just imagine the conversations they would have.

  15. That happens sometimes. You think it was your idea, because you thought it up, but where did the thought come from? Thanks for your visit to my creative writing blog!

  16. This poem has a classical feel to it & a universal message. So nice to see you writing poetry again.


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