Saturday 24 June 2017

The Entropy Gang’s June 2017 blog

The Entropy Gang’s June 2017 blog
Herschel: It’s nearly a year since we were granted the freedom of the GARDEN. One day I caught a squirrel but when I tried to take it indoors The MAID wouldn’t let me in. I don’t know why. I haven’t bothered catching anything since, apart from an occasional dragonfly, since my efforts are not really appreciated. The birds have stopped coming into the GARDEN now, anyway. What’s a cat to do?
Jellicoe: I’ve caught more than anyone – two wood pigeons, a rat, a field mouse and a blackbird that managed to escape. Lately I haven’t been concentrating on hunting. I found a way out of the GARDEN but the trouble was that I couldn’t find the way back in again and that made me unhappy. The MASTER has been all round the GARDEN making sure that none of us can escape again. Spoilsport!
Isambard: I don’t spend any time hunting. I’d rather watch the fish or curl up with the dogs. It’s been so hot lately that none of us have done anything but flop about. It’s cooler now, though so all the SERVANTS are happier.
Herschel: Pats, the little cat belonging to Susannah, died. We were sorry, even though she didn’t mix with us. She had lived with Susannah for a very long time.

Isambard: Susannah was very upset. Now she’s found another kitten, the same colour as Pats. She is nosy and very interested in finding out about everything. Lenny is scared of her but he’s getting used to her.
Frankie with Zula
Frankie is very proud of and pleased with his little kitten

Jellicoe: Her name is Zula and she’s tiny. Bertie loves her. Bertie is a nice boy, gentle and warm. We like the other DOGS, too, but Bertie is our favourite.

Isambard: The MASTER and The MAID put in a special little door for us so that we can go in and out whenever we want to.

Herschel: We’re not allowed out at night, though, but that doesn’t bother us ‘cos we like to sleep with the DOGS and the SERVANTS.
Jellicoe: No, we’re not allowed out but Solomon got stuck outside the other night and cried to come in.
Isambard: When Jellicoe escaped none of us were allowed out unless the SERVANTS were in the GARDEN with us. The SERVANTS locked our little door but Solomon didn’t realise and banged his head trying to open the flap.

Herschel: So then he didn’t want to use the special door and that’s why he got stuck outside ‘cos he wouldn’t come in when The MAID called him. Silly boy!

Jellicoe: He’s all right now, though. I was the first to use the special door. I’m always the first to try something new. Isambard was the last. He’s so cautious it’s painful.

Herschel: Little Zula isn’t allowed into the GARDEN yet. The SERVANTS are afraid the Red Kite will grab her so she won’t go out until she’s bigger.

Isambard: I don’t think the DOGS would allow that. The Red Kite is big but the DOGS are much bigger.

Jellicoe: Zula won’t be very big, anyway, not even as big as Lenny and Solomon, although they’re mostly fur, not like us Ocicats. We’re big and strong.

Herschel: Now we must get back to what we like doing best – snoozing, preferably with a dog or, failing that, on The MASTER and The MAID’S bed. We’ll be in touch. TTFN.


  1. I love it when the four legged family members post....they hae such a clear view of life.

  2. Too too funny! I love it. It reminds me so much of the musical, Cats.

  3. Nice to hear what the gang has been up to. The new little kitty is pretty and the Red Kite is beautiful.

  4. Hi Janice - lovely catch up on life c/o the entropy gang - they lead a dog's life ... or should it be a cat's life?! Good to hear from you and know all is well. Frankie is growing ... that heat was fairly 'h-o-t' wasn't it ... cheers and enjoy the rest of the summer - Hilary
    PS - Frankie might be interested in the goat story ... fainting goats ...

  5. Really enjoy the way you get into the heads of the members of your furry family! Nice photos as well.

    (Thanks for your comment on my blog. And thank goodness there a few 'sane' and resolute leaders in Europe....and Canada.

  6. That's a nice report about your cats and how they live now ! My cats go in and out whenever they want to, but they always sleep inside although the cat flap is always open. Anyway there is no danger here, no cars and no wild animals. And the people are all cat and dog lovers too. My little Pookie passed away she was 19 years old. She wasn't ill, she just was old and had enough. So I was not too sad because I had a long time to say good bye. Now we still have Kim 18, Arthur 15 and Rosie 10 ! Time flies by. I still remember when your kitties arrived in your home and met the dogs !

  7. THIS was a very fun post. I love cats, and miss mine terribly since he passed away from heart failure. He was one of a kind. My brother had a cat door, and one day he heard meowing coming down the hall, his cat was ushering a fat pigeon to him. He never hurt it, just ordered it to keep going< meow-meow. A gift of sorts?


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