Saturday 17 February 2018

Bright winter days

Bright Winter Days

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I never complain about the cold weather when the sun shines for surely everything and everyone feels better then? Our weather can and does change very quickly some days and behaves in contrary fashion to the meteorological prediction. We can set out in bright sunshine, believing that because rain has not been forecast there will be none. On many occasions we are caught out. 
On this occasion it threatened but did not deliver
It makes little difference to the dogs. They may not care to venture into the garden when rain is falling but the woods and forests are a different matter.

We regularly walk in Simons Wood. 

It is full of ancient trees, some gnarled and twisted, some ramrod striaght.

Silver birch bark
Which way is North?

The dogs often find a ball., thoughtfully left behind by another dog. Here Bertie is holding it and Gus and Roxy want it . . .
Bertie drops it and Roxy gets it!
Bertie says, 'Which way are we going now?' Jenna waits patiently.
One might be forgiven for feeling one is being watched. Can you see the faces in the following photos?

Fungi are abundant and often very colourful. 

Almost the first thing  Roxy does when we reach the woods is to pick up a stick. Sometimes, as below, she finds a ball. A ball outranks a stick every time . . .

In the following photos she is brandishing a fair-sized branch and her hackles are up though no strange dog is near her.

Back to the car and then home and - eventually - supper!
Bertie, Gus and Roxy - little Jenna is hidden!
Bertie,  Roxy, Gus and Jenna - happy dogs.


  1. Hi Janice - big car for big dogs! Love the photos ... and those English woods. Aren't the gnarled trees wonderful - I found a few here last week when we visited one of the first estates on Vancouver Island ... enormous straight trees, yet some galls around too ...

    We've had one of your days here ... lots of weather - now the sun is shining perhaps it will keep on - cheers Hilary

  2. What a lovely place to walk with your dogs. I bet those trees could tell a few stories.

    1. Trees live longer than we can ever hope to - what things they must have seen and heard.

  3. Some truly wonderful trees there and I do see the faces, the fungi are beautiful, as are the dogs and you too. I do like hearing about walks in the woods.

    1. We are lucky to be surrounded by woods which are carefully managed by the National Trust or the Crown Estate. We certainly do appreciate them.

  4. Love your tree shots...I am forevr seeing faces and figures in the trees. Looks like a lovely day was had by all.

    1. Trees are fascinating, I think, and there are plenty around here - the lungs of the earth.


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