Friday 31 May 2019


The following piece of nonsense is written in response to a prompt from ‘Words for Wednesday’ now retitled ‘Words for Wednesday on a Friday. This meme was started by Delores and now is hosted by various bloggers. The aim is to encourage writing – a poem, a story, a song, or whatever comes to mind, using some or all of the prompts.

This week’s words are supplied by Margaret Adamson and Sue Fulcher and can be found here. Please visit to read more offerings.

1: solicitude
2: rampant
3: toes
4: form
5: knocking
6: pin cushion
1: reel
2: grappled
3: perfume
4: courtroom
5: squad
6: general

pincushion flowers (Scabiosa)

Is there such a thing as rampant solicitude, I wonder? Knocking one’s toes on a brick wall while tending one’s pincushion plants can be painful, it’s true, but it’s not good form to draw attention to oneself. It would seem excessive to have someone commiserating with one over such a foolish bump. Far better to remain silent, even while screaming inside, and possibly reeling from the shock, however slight.

The perfume from this member of the honeysuckle squad is beautiful and flowers in general are a joy to perceive. Having grappled with garden pests, I am glad not to have to face what seems like a courtroom of a flower show. My blooms are for my delectation alone and if they are smaller or apparently less perfect than anyone else’s, it matters not one jot to me.


  1. You used them all....and plants are not for public examination either.

  2. Love your story. And scabiosa. My garden is also for my private joy (and the blood sweat and tears which go into it).
    Huge thanks for your visit to my blog and for your generous comments.

  3. I did not know scabiosa was from the honeysuckle family.
    Great use of the words :)

  4. Hi Janice - I certainly didn't know scabiosa was from the honeysuckle family ... but loved your story ... and how true gardening for oneself can be. Excellent use of pincushion ... so good to see you joining in at EC's .. cheers Hilary

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. I am trying to be more active in the blogosphere (and generally, for that matter!) but life gets in the way, particularly in the form of 6-year-old Frankie!

  6. Not the nonsense you said it would be. A nice little tale that actually makes sense when you look at it closely.

  7. That's complicated to put a text together ! I prefer my "Wordless Wednesday" on Wednesday !

  8. Thank you kindly! I'm not making much headway in my bid to become more active . . . sigh!


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