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ABC Wednesday D is for Dettingen

The Battle of Dettingen
Painting by John Mackenzie
Image courtesy of www.britishbattles.com
The Battle of Dettingen was fought on 27th June, 1743.
50,000 British, Hanoverian and Austrian troops of the Pragmatic Army opposed 70,000 French troops at the village of Dettingen in Bavaria. The Pragmatic Army was so called because it was a confederation of states supporting the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713 agreements. The objectives were to preserve the independence of Hanover and to support the claim of Maria Theresa to be recognised as Archduchess of Austria and the legitimate heir to the Habsburg Dynasty.
George II at Dettingen.jpg
George II at Dettingen 
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
It was a significant victory because it was the last time British troops were led into battle by a reigning monarch - King George II.

It is also important because before the engagement the opposing sides agreed that sick and wounded soldiers who fell into enemy hands would be properly cared for and not treated as prisoners of war. This was a precursor of the Geneva Conventions that set the standards in international law for the humanitarian treatment of war victims.

As a salute to this victory Handel composed the Dettingen Te Deum and the Dettingen Anthem.

Since 1947 Dettingen has been the name of one of the companies at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. All the companies at this training establishment for officer cadets are named after noteworthy British victories.

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  1. I'm always interested in battles of war...and this music is stirring! Fascinating post about how the agreement was a precursor of the Geneva Convention. Hope you have a good week,

    ABCW Team

  2. Thanks for all information, your post is fabulous, great job!
    And the video is delightful!
    Léia :)

  3. What a great and interesting post for the D Day, Janice! Always love the history and the music is beautiful! Lovely way to start my day!! Hope your week is going well!

    ABC Team

  4. Somehow or other I missed learning about this battle at school! It seems it was significant.

  5. Thank you for sharing the wonderful music and information which I'm sorry to say I never knew before.

  6. Interesting History!! Made a good read too!!

  7. Didn't those soldiers dress beautifully before going into battle?!

  8. Interesting!!!!
    I had a "meeting" with your king George V some day ago in my blog ;)

  9. Very interesting-the part about the Geneva convetion especially. The painting is interesting too-a mixture of map, diagram and art.

  10. Odd that a pacifist such as myself should, like Leslie, be fascinated by the history of various wars. Perhaps it's the idea of those not knowing history are destined to repeat it. Still, a fascinating, detailed piece, and I thank you. My first time on your site and at ABC, for which I owe my friend Nanka many thanks... Amy Barlow Liberatore

  11. Great info there. One of the many battles in the supposed Enlightened Europe of the time.

  12. My internet connection is a slug tonight, and still I persevered until I could hear the whole Handel audio. Dazzling. And your history is darn interesting. :-)

  13. Interesting about how he was the last king to go out to battle. Maybe if we put our leaders out in the front lines there would be less war.

  14. Very interesting. I'm amazed that reigning monarchs would have ever led troops into battle.

  15. Any day with some Handel in it is a good one and such a gorgeous church to look at as well. Fascinating piece of history.

  16. The idea of a Pragmatic Army struck me as ironic. Very informative post.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  17. Your History lessons, and music just makes my Wednesdays. Thanks.

  18. I've seen that picture of George II in books and magazines many times, but knew nothing about Dettingen. Very interesting, Janice.
    -- K

  19. Very interesting and informative.

  20. Sounds like Waterloo ! except there were Prussians and not Austrians and Dutchs. And Wellington sat on the horse !

  21. To my shame, I have next to no knowledge of historic British battles, so I'll leave it to you to educate me. My knowledge of American historic battles is just as bad. I do have some knowledge of the history of both nations, but specific battles -- 'fraid not

  22. A fascinating post! Love this information and the grand music!

  23. Meow!
    I learn so much about history from reading your blog!
    Thank you!
    Sara Cat
    Sara Cat's ABCWedrd-8-D 'D as in Dog'

  24. very interesting piece of art. Check out my ABC Wednesday entry too! Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

  25. Very interesting information. What a great legacy to leave!


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