Thursday 24 February 2011

Mondays’ Child #34 Tea with the chimp

There was nothing in Annabelle’s cup but she had to do something to prevent the smell reaching her nostrils. And why did he keep burping?

‘Pardon me,’ said the chimpanzee,
‘You were kind to ask me to tea,
But sandwiches and cake
Aren’t sufficient to take
The hunger pangs away from me.

So I snacked on masses of greens
And plenty of ripe tangerines
That filled me with gas
And now, sadly, alas,
My digestion is in smithereens.

Better out than kept in, so it’s said,
I’m sorry you think I’m ill-bred,
But if I don’t burp now
I really don’t know how
I’ll stop my full load being shed.’

Thanks to bkm at Monday's Child who organises and hosts this meme. Click here to read more interpretations.


  1. Oh my. How "delicately" you do put it. Very funny.

  2. I enjoyed this. You have such a lovely sense of humour!

  3. What great fun such a great write to this prompt....thank you for made me laugh....bkm

  4. EG Wow said it all. I totally agree :-)

  5. How hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh yes - we are drawn to people with similar senses of humour don't you think? Just a comment from a warped friend of yours! oops! lol!

  7. Wonderfully done, Janice. "And plenty of ripe tangerines" just cracks me up, although I'm sure I have no idea why.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Very funny! Poor little windy monkey!

  9. Oh my gosh! You wrote this? Wow! It's so perfect! You are a very talented poet. I loved every stanza.

  10. Very funny, clever and well-written. It works in a quirky and delightful way!
    Best wishes,
    This is my first try at Monday's Child:

    Anna's Monday's Child #34

  11. Wonderfully done! I loved it :o)

  12. very cute! perfect really... nothing is better a good burp! thanks for visiting my blog! loving monday's child! blessings...sarah...


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