Saturday, 30 July 2011

It is Christmas!!

Xmas tree.svg
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Further to my post of 28th July it seems that it is Christmas already, at least in two famous London stores. Quite by chance I discovered that Selfridges had opened its Christmas shop on July 29th, 149 days before Christmas Day. 

I was astounded but today I found out that Harrods had opened its Yuletide shop two days earlier. Apparently, it has always followed the practice of selling early for Christmas but as I don’t shop at Harrods that fact had escaped me until now.

I decided to use Christmassy colours for this post to  . . . celebrate? . . . match the mood?                 


  1. I love Christmas, and enjoy forays into the Christmas-themed stores (we have two or three in my neck of the woods, and it's a great treat to go into them in July, soak up the A/C, and dream of December).

    That being said, I went into the pharmacy the other day, and they had Halloween decorations up. I figure that means the Christmas stuff'll be up in a few more weeks.

    It's funny how I can love the specialty stores but be kind of annoyed and disillusioned by the appearance of holiday stuff four months early in "regular" stores ...

  2. It sounds like the people running the stores have lost their minds, but I suppose there has to be a marketing reason for it, and it's probably because shoppers have also lost their minds and DO like Christmas shopping in July.
    That said, I will pick up things I'd like to give as Christmas gifts whenever I find the perfect item for someone, but that's serendipity, not Christmas shopping.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada
    PS — My verification word here is "baught" which could be a combination of "bah" and "bought"!

  3. I thought it was terrible Christmas is out before Halloween. I can't imagine July! WOW

  4. I am really surprised by this!

  5. some people in New Zealand celebrate Winter Christmas in July.

  6. Oh no - it's far too early!

  7. Oh my goodness ... Christmas in July!

  8. In department stores, there are no seasons anymore. It should be forbidden.


  9. Please don't tell the stores here, they might begin advertising and it's way too early. I really don't like the commercialism, but your pic and colours are fun! Sue

  10. That has to be the most groanworthy post of the day! *smiles*

  11. Way too soon for me to even consider Christmas. I like the idea of it but not the cold weather.


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