Friday, 23 August 2013

Fun in the Forest

'Let me help you'
Buster doesn't need any help but Bertie is quite possessive over his AquaKong.
Sometimes Buster helps his brother Bertie!
An old(er) lady flanked by two young chaps.
Tia is accompanied by Bertie and Buster
All eyes on the Kong . . . well, most of them. Frodo is not a retriever, except of biscuits.
Dear deer!
Up periscope . . . 
. . . when the signal is stationary we are informed that Jenna has 'treed a quarry'. . .
. . . as if!!
A cooling dip for Frodo . . .
. . . and a gentle swim for Foxy, always hoping for (but not receiving) biscuits.
Can you see me? I can see you!
Tug of war . . . Bertie always wins.
At one of the 'new' ponds.
Left to right: Frodo, Bertie, Buster, Tia, Janice, Foxy, Jenna, Gus
Buster sits and waits for the Kong to be thrown.


  1. This looks like where Daisy wants to be. Nothing's more fun for the dogs than splashing in a summer pond.

  2. That last shot is a beauty.

  3. Oh, yes, that last shot is a perfect portrait.
    Love all of the shots, though, especially the "helping with the kong" photos. I laughed out loud.
    Our Lindy would like wading into the pond on a hot day, perhaps, but she does not like swimming. It's hard to believe she's a retriever, but she's overweight and overage, so that probably has something to do with it.
    Keep the dog photos coming, Janice. They're great!

  4. Wonderful. What fun. Love to see your dogs frolicking. (Mine do not like water.) I agree with Kay that the last photo is a perfect portrait. Christmas card perhaps???

  5. Hi Janice .. gorgeous photos ... great fun - Hilary


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