Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A love poem

Thanks toJosie of ‘Two Shoes Tuesday’ who hosts this writing meme. Her prompts this week are ‘Fast’ or ‘Smile’. Participants may choose one or other or both of the prompt words. My response is a short love poem.

And unwavering,
Faithful, loving and resolute,
Your smile gladdens my heart and life.


  1. This is lovely. Full of positive words to describe love ;o)

  2. Short and perfect ! it says it all !

  3. A few words to say such a lot, lovely.

  4. Saying a lot in so few words, a lovely poem Janice.

  5. Truly beautiful, Janice! So very well written, I could struggle all day and never come up with something that speaks of love so simply and so well! You did an awesome job of using both prompt words, you get extra points for that! :-) I'm delighted that you joined us for Two Shoes Tuesday this week!

  6. I adore the visual progression. Such a sweet message!

  7. Yes, beautiful to look at, and beautiful to read, Janice.
    Luv, K

  8. I love how you used the word fast, meaning secure to commence the poem. That smile between lovers replaces a thousand words.

  9. love the alternative def of fast ... of course speed comes to mind first but you used it beautifully with smile as well! lovely poem!

  10. That sums it up perfectly! Well done!

  11. When I see you my heart goes pit-a-pat.

    Nice poem, Janice. Long time no see. Hope you have been doing fine.

  12. This was written for my grandchild. Every word applies.You have a gift.

  13. Great poem! Short and simple.
    : )

  14. This is sweet and perfect. It says it all in just a few words.


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