Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Resettling . . .

Resettling . . .

I have had a few busy weeks most enjoyably spent looking after Frankie. It’s strange how unsettling two or three days away from home every week can be.

Add to that the worry we had over Isla who contracted an e.coli infection and spent a few traumatic days in hospital. She is much better now but seems prone to infection. Having said that, Frankie has had a cold for several weeks and a sickness bug that comes and goes . . . and comes again. Who’d be a baby?

However, I have managed to knit rather a lot – two tank tops, a cardigan, two hats and two pairs of mittens for Frankie, a scarf for Susannah with a hat and mittens to follow (nearly finished the mittens) a cardigan, hat and mittens for my great granddaughter Isla, and wool to make another tank top for Frankie (anybody would think the poor child didn’t have any clothes!) a scarf and crocheted hat for Bethan, a tank top for Barry and I’ve still got a tapestry half-finished – more than one, if I’m painfully honest. I’ve also got a book to edit, and two more to complete and an article to write for the Ocicat Muse to feature the Brothers Three.

No wonder we sometimes don’t get out for our walk until it’s nearly dark!

I’m a great starter – not such a great finisher. Maybe I should get up in the wee small hours when I can’t sleep and try to accomplish something then . . . oh, hang on, I couldn’t possibly do that – it would disturb the cats!


  1. Welcome back and glad things are getting more settled.
    You certainly have been busy... crikey!

  2. No chance of boredom setting in then.

  3. Frankie will probably miss you.
    I'm not much of a finisher, either.
    And Dick has taken Lindy out for a walk before sunset today. First, he dropped his camera on the kitchen floor. They'll probably see rabbits, deer, antelope and a lot of other exciting things but have no photos to show for them.
    Luv, K

  4. Love the photos! Where are you?

  5. My goodness. You certainly are busy!

  6. I'm a terrific starter, also and sometinmes I need a kick in the pants to finish. You are certainly busy.

  7. Wow you barely have time to breathe it sounds like. By the way thank you for your kind words over at Delores' blog :)

  8. Ah yes, I can identify with the unfinished projects!! Smiles.

  9. you will get a burn out, lol ! Knitting so much ! The cats would be delighted if you get up in the early hours then they get breakfast earlier too. Cats are not interested ... if I only move slightly at 6 am, they all sit suddenly in my room ! No way to turn around and continue to sleep !

  10. My goodness, you HAVE been busy! I think it always feels good to resettle after so much busyness.

  11. You have a very busy life and it looks like you are enjoying it. Do hope Frankie and Isla feel better soon.

  12. Goodness you're busy!
    I'm not much of a finisher either, and lately I'm having trouble with starting too.

  13. Hi Janice .. my gosh lots of goodies for the little ones - well done ...

    and I hope they get over their 'bugs' various ..

    Cheers Hilary


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