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July 21st - Wedding Day

July 21st – Wedding Day
Detail from Bethan's dress 
After what seemed like months of endless rain Bethan and Robert’s wedding day dawned bright, warm and sunny. It was a long, busy day but such a joyous occasion. The ceremony was simple and moving and the affection for Bethan and Robert was expressed warmly and vociferously.

They had engaged a photographer to take formal and informal shots of the day. Consequently, none of us took any photos of the bride and groom – something of an oversight, I think! I hope that others took some. 
The bride and her maids . . .
The one I’ve posted here shows Bethan with her bridesmaids. I think one of the bridesmaids’ boyfriends took it.

 I don't know who took this photo! 
Our grandchildren, Marnie's boyfriend, Dean, and David Walliams
After the official photographer had left Barry took some photos.
Some danced . . .
. . . others watched
A small marquee in the grounds made a pleasant lounging area  away from the disco beat 
Unfortunately, Bethan wasn’t feeling at all well on the day, though no-one would have realised it as she smiled and mingled and looked radiant. She didn’t eat anything and managed the first dance but then went to bed. 
She came down for breakfast the next morning but again couldn’t eat anything. Fortunately, she was feeling better and able to eat again by the time they caught their flight to Santorini in the early hours of Monday.

Barry and I are rarely ill but neither of us was very well, either, and the day passed in something of a blur. We’re all on the mend nowJ

Notwithstanding, it was a lovely day and it was a joy to celebrate it with Bethan and Robert and their friends. It was a delight to have all our family together, too, and our grandchildren had a wonderful day, first as junior ushers and bridesmaids, and then as cousins having a good time with their Norfolk cousins.


  1. absolutely lovely! The dresses are gorgeous! Love the picture of the lounging area too - great lighting!

    Hope everyone is better soon!

  2. Poor Bethany, feeling ill on her wedding day. Somewhere there must be a saying wherein this is a good sign for the marriage...

    A very attractive family. All my best to all involved!


  3. The pictures you shared were beautiful. What a memorable day.

  4. That's a pity that Bethany wasn't feeling well on her special day ! the pictures are lovely it's rather special that there is none of the couple,lol ! I suppose you'll show one later ! I was quiet busy lately and arrived in Eastbourne on Thursday ! I am here now until the 6th August !

  5. With such a handsome couple, gorgeous wedding dress, joyful family and guests and such an altogether lovely wedding, how could Mother Nature NOT have provided glorious weather to help celebrate?! I'm glad you all had such a great time, despite you and the bride not feeling well. (Happy that was short-lived!)

    My very best wishes to Bethan and Robert!

  6. What an impressive wedding. The bride is gorgeous and her gown is exquisite.

  7. Hi Janice .. sorry she and you weren't quite up to scratch .. thankfully it doesn't seem to have stopped some wonderful memories.

    Her dress is exquisite ... while your photos are wonderful too - hope to see more anon ...

    So pleased the day was warm and sunny ... and I see Gattina is here in Eastbourne?!

    Cheers and enjoy those memories .. hope they're having a fabulous time in Santorini - looks an amazingly interesting place to visit .. Hilary

  8. What a beautiful dress - your daughter looks stunning.

    So glad the day went well (despite the illness)


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