Tuesday 22 January 2013



My intention was to be a Better Blogger in 2013 but I seem to be in some sort of limbo, waiting for something to happen. On the one hand there is Barry’s mother, Dorothy, old and very frail, who keeps falling into a sort of hibernation in her care home in Dorset.

Two weeks ago she had been asleep for two days, not responding to any external stimuli apart from when the doctor poked the sole of her foot with something sharp. A short while later she woke up and indicated that she was thirsty. Barry and his brother decided she should go to hospital. While there she was rehydrated and given a broad spectrum antibiotic.

Barry’s sister-in-law phoned later to find out how she was and the nurse couldn’t locate her. Eventually she was discovered travelling round the hospital on her Zimmer frame looking for the exit. When the nurse was told that the doctor attending Dorothy in the home said she was dying, the nurse laughed and said, ‘No way is she dying.’ Indeed, when they visited later that day they found her in high good spirits, much of her lost personality seemingly restored, no longer the depressed and aggressive and inward-looking character she had been for so many, many months.

The next day she returned to the retirement home she has lived in for the last two and a half years and promptly fell asleep again. This time it was thought it was due to genuine tiredness after her journeying round the hospital. Following that, she was awake, drinking tea and eating chocolates. Now, once more, she’s back to sleeping deeply and eating and drinking very little. We think probably she will go into the local hospital where she will be rehydrated again. It seems the right thing to do rather than allow her to slowly die of thirst.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the country, in Edinburgh, our eldest granddaughter was taken into hospital with painful contractions (not Braxton Hicks) Very worrying, as the baby was not due for another eleven weeks. Marnie was transferred from St James’ to the Royal Infirmary where the facilities for treating very premature babies are better and we waited and waited and Gillian and Paul (Marnie’s parents) became more and more strained. 

After a week, when no further progress was made Marnie was discharged. She wasn’t allowed to fly or travel by train so Gillian drove to Edinburgh to collect her. She then had to go to Dorchester to be checked but was allowed home. She is still having contractions but will not see an obstetrician until Friday this week, almost three weeks since she was first admitted to hospital. Surely it cannot be right for her to continue having contractions for another eight weeks? She has been told she has an 'irritable uterus' - I'll say it's irritable!

However, the baby is pronounced healthy and capable of breathing on her own if she does arrive early. Whenever she puts in an appearance there are some names she should not have. With a surname starting with S she cannot have names giving the initials BS, FS, OS, PS or SS!! J

Interesting times - I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Sorry to hear about Barry's mother - it must be very worrying for you all.

    I'm completely lost on the initials - the only one I understand is PS (it's my age I guess) My son berated me for giving him the initials CD but to be honest 28 years ago we were still saying LP ...

  2. You have all had a very stressful time of it Janice. I do wish Barry's mother and your granddaughter well, also her sweet little babe.

  3. P.s. the initial discussion gave me a smile.

  4. I am glad to see you blogging again, Janice; but it does sound like you have a lot on your mind with Barry's mother and then the baby on the way and the complications there. I do hope all goes well in both regards & most especially that your daughter is spared continual pain. Take care!

  5. Oh, Janice, I've been thinking about you, and here you are, but with such stressful news.
    I'd say there must be something at the care home that disagrees with Barry's mother's body. An allergy of some sort, physical, not emotional, perhaps a cleaning product, or dust.
    But I'm no doctor, I spent my working life in the newspaper business, where we were better at spelling than diagnosing.
    I hope Marnie and her baby can make it a while longer, but "a while longer" with contractions sounds dreadful. That wretched word "irritable" doctors use for body parts these days...I have ferocious abdominal contractions quite regularly, due to an "irritable" bowel and it is extremely painful.
    Luv, K

  6. Gosh Janice so sorry to hear all that's been happening - and it's only 22nd January. Hugs to you and yours my dear, will keep posted. Dxxx

  7. I'm sorry for all the troubles you and your family have been going through. I hope all will be well soon.

  8. Sounds like Barry's mother doesn't want to be at the nursing home. She's bored. At least at the hospital she could roam around.

    Prayers sent for the baby. And why is she waiting until Friday to see her ob. With contractions no less.

  9. Hi Janice .. sorry you're having these problems in and around the snow - both sound a little challenging as one never knows ...

    The most important thing is that the Baby is safely looked after ...

    Thinking of you all .. cheers Hilary


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