Sunday 3 February 2013

The Sixteenth Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke (Gus)

Hello everyone!

It’s windy and dull today but it isn’t raining. It’s a special day for Mr H ‘cos it’s his birthday so it doesn’t matter to him what the weather’s doing.  Yesterday he and the missus went out. They took us for a long walk first then off they went in the car. They left Jenna in their bedroom but they didn’t know that till they got home and couldn’t find her.

They went to see Gareth and Nina and Susannah and Nick and the children. I would have liked to go too, ‘cos I like children but I had to stay and look after the house. Us dogs still haven’t met the baby – he’ll be all grown up by the time we see him. I think he’s coming to our house in a little while.  Everyone keeps saying he’s a gorgeous, happy little boy - I hope he likes us.

Anyway, Mr and Mrs didn’t get home till ever so late but they left the lights on for us even though we don’t mind the dark. We hadn’t had our supper so that was the first thing that happened when the Humans walked in. Then the Humans had their supper.

Today we’re all tired. Us dogs get really worn out worrying about our Humans when they go out without us to protect them so we always spend the next day sleeping. I’m wondering what’s going to happen in a few days ‘cos Mr H keeps saying, ‘You don’t know what’s coming your way,’ then Mrs H laughs and says, ‘They’ll be all right,’ so I don’t think it will be anything nasty. I expect it will be something nice that we’ll really like – maybe a big juicy boneJ They’re going to take us for a good long walk so that means they’ll be going out without us again to collect whatever is coming. I expect dogs aren’t allowed in bone stores – too much excitement.

Gillian and Bethan are coming to see us next weekend – at least, I think they’re coming to see us. I don’t think they’d be very interested in meaty bones but I could be wrong.

I must go now - *yawn* - I need to go back to sleep again.

Be good.

Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That’s Welsh for ‘Goodbye for now!’)


  1. This was freaking awesome. That's one good blogging dog :)

  2. Ooh can't wait to see what the surprise is

  3. I'm betting it's not a bone though..
    Happy Birthday Mr H!

  4. You deserve a treat guarding the house so well. Bet you can't wait to see the new baby :)

  5. Feed the dogs first? I should think so too after a hard day's house guarding. :-)

  6. Gus seems like a very good-natured and adaptable dog so whatever is about to happen should be OK with him. Things are moving along lickety split here and I MAY be able to blog about it next week

  7. Ha, I am going to have to teach MY dogs to blog!

  8. It is nice to hear things from Gus' point of view! I can't wait to hear what will happen next. I hope he gets to see the baby soon.

  9. Ah dear Gus, I hope the surprise you have coming will be a nice one.

    Anyway, I also hope that you will tell us all about it. I think you write very nicely and not at all like a dog in the manger for not being taken to the see the baby.

  10. They dared to go out without you ! what a shame ! We will also have visitors this weekend, little Toby is coming with his Dad !

  11. Hello Gus, sorry we haven't been around much.a lot has been going on here n we couldn't get Mummy to help us write.
    first things first...Happy Yappy Barkday to Mr.H.Hope he got a large juicy bone or whatever else he was wishing for.
    We r sure d baby will love u guys.they have a thing for floppy ears! SIGH!

    We wear ourselves out worrying whenever d humans r out without us n have to sleep it off later too.
    Good that Jenna got to get cozy in the bedroom.

    Wags, Ginger Buddy n Shadow


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