Wednesday 20 February 2013

Conservatory Cats’ Chats (C3) February 2013

Conservatory Cats’ Chats (C3) February 2013

Our Servants have informed us that our arrival has been announced to the world. They suggested that we might care to tell the wider public a little about ourselves and we indicated that we would be happy so to do. They asked if we would like to have a blog of our own but we declined. We don’t feel we could commit to such an undertaking with our busy schedule. We believe it is understood that there are three of us. There were four in our litter but our other brother had already been chosen by different Servants – the last choice they will have before they learn who is Master. We shall take turns in composing this entry. Herschel will start.
Like my brothers I am an Ocicat. I am a Cinnamon Silver and allegedly I am the most sensitive of the three of us.

You may be wondering about my name. Sir John Herschel, Ist Baronet, was ahead of his time and was named after me. He was an astronomer so it is natural that he was interested in Time Warps. Time Travel is nothing new!!

We were all rather alarmed when we were taken from the Servants who had served us all our lives. We travelled to our new Kingdom in a box that smelled of another Ocicat which was quite comforting. I believe his name was Winston but I do not know where he went. It was a long journey and we were tired when the Servants stopped the car and took us into our new Palace. It makes me quite faint to think about it so I am going to ask Isambard to take over.

Thank you, Herschel. Before I continue the saga let me first explain that I am named after Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the great Victorian engineer. I am a Tawny Ocicat, quite an appropriate colour for an engineer.

Back to the blog. The first thing we noticed was that the floors were bare. Could our new Servants not afford carpets? As we were carried through to another room we were shocked to see four enormous beasts in the Palace grounds, staring through the glass and making extraordinary and very loud noises. The Servants placed us in what appeared to be a prison. What had we done to deserve such treatment? We were relieved to see a large litter tray in there and we leapt on top of it and huddled together for courage when the dreadful, slavering creatures burst into the room and came to sniff us. 

We soon discovered that they were interested more in our food than in us but hissed and growled at them nonetheless. One of them had spots like Herschel and me but he was enormous. We learnt that these fearsome beings were DOGS and they appeared to be the Servants’ servants so of little account to us. We tolerate Servants but their minions are beneath contempt and we shall lose no opportunity to emphasise that when eventually we allow them to mix with us. I think Jellicoe should continue.

Only too pleased to oblige, Brother.

You may have noticed that Isambard said one of the DOGS had spots like him and Herschel. I have spots too, on my tummy, but I am a Black Silver Ocicat Classic – a superior type of tabby of impeccable breeding. In keeping with my very smart uniform and military bearing I am named after Admiral Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe. I have a loud voice, a necessary requirement for issuing orders to the other ranks on the poop deck, though in my case I have just my brothers to command. When the Servants are required to attend to us we all shout orders.

The time is fast approaching when we shall allow the DOGS to come into our domain – the Conservatory – and we shall venture into their quarters. Our Servants carry us into the Conservatory in the mornings and one of them sits with us to admire our agility and beauty and to play with us. Sometimes both of them come in and the DOGS stand at the glass door and stare at our food while the Servants talk to us and take photographs and moving images (video) of us. We may be able to include some video of us on one of our blog posts one day if the Servants can find time to upload it. We understand that we take up a lot of their time. They are simple souls and learn slowly what is required.
Thank you, my Brothers. I am recovered enough to resume. We had not been long in our new Palace before more Servants came to admire us. Bethan and Robert spent much time playing with us. Robert is a Cat Whisperer- at least that is what our Servants called him – and we were happy to permit him to pick us up. I was still quite skittish.

Then last weekend even more Servants came, including a very small Servant who had to be carried everywhere. Our Servants called them FAMILY. There were a number of younger Servants who spent a lot of time in our domain. We were tired at the end of the day but discovered that we were beginning to enjoy the Servants picking us up.

I am always the first to purr. Whenever a Servant speaks to me I purr – it’s only courteous – and of course I have a very loud purr. We were taken to the STAIRS the other day. We had never seen such things before but we are wonderful athletes and had no problem leaping up and down them. I feel there is much more to this Palace than we have yet seen. The prospect of exploring it appeals to me.

We enjoy the Conservatory as it is warm and full of things to climb on and race around and allows us to enjoy one of our favourite pastimes – ornithology. Now, as we are still quite young, we must stop writing and take a nap. We are sure there are exciting times ahead.



  1. Yep. They are in charge alright. But very cute...

  2. are their servants. They definitely are CATS. LOL. I am not even a great fan of cats because I am so allergic to them, but let me tell you that I really enjoyed the pictures. Just beautiful cats, with seemingly wonderful personalities. You will have such fun; and hopefully the dogs will too! Enjoy.

  3. Oh for the life of an Ocicat! Royal luxury and all the needs taken care of. I love the royal robe on which you lie -- just the right colors. Your perfect future is assured. Maybe you don't have time for a blog but an occasional spontaneous appearance would be greatly appreciated by your humble subjects.

  4. Fabulous additions to the family here! Now I know what that funny looking object was that you posted a few weeks ago.

  5. Wonderful! :-)

    So glad I popped in, and was able to meet the new additions...they are absolutely gorgeous! x

    (Love the names too!)

  6. My goodness! What regal cats!

  7. What an adorable post ! Now your complicated names are explained ! You are all so beautiful ! Family is a tiring thing especially in the beginning. But they will get used to you. Your palace seems to be perfect, no wonder that you start to feel home. Soon you will be the masters of the house and of the enormous beasts ! They have cozy and warm bellies you know !

  8. I've never heard of an Ocicat, but I'm guessing they are part ocelot if that is possible. I'll look that up on Google. They are lovely looking cats, especially Jellico. Such interesting markings. They will be so happy in their new home. Congrats on your new additions to the family.

  9. Oh wow they are super cute.

    Want one!!!

    Have a good week

    x Fiona

  10. And long may you reign oh beautiful ones!

  11. Brave that you are, you deserve all the joy and happiness that they quite obviously will bring.

  12. Ocicat! I've always wanted an ocicat. But three? How lucky are you!!

  13. God, but they are beautiful!

    I had never heard of Ocicats before.

  14. Oh my they are GORGEOUS! I am totally smitten...

  15. Amazing how these lil balls of fur imagine with such conviction they rule the world! Paaah!
    Must be some genetic anomaly!

    What do they know or will ever know of the pleasures of wagging, fetchng, rolling over and generally being just a dog?!


    Ginger, Buddy n Shadow


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