Wednesday 6 March 2013

Conservatory Cats’ Chats (C3) March 2013

Conservatory Cats’ Chats (C3) March 2013
Jellicoe: We have been in our new Palace for four whole weeks and we have learnt quite a lot. Our Servants have different duties and I would say they perform them adequately. There is room for improvement in certain areas but in general we are pleased with them.
Isambard: I agree. We refer to The Servant commonly known as BARRY as The THINKER. He does a lot of thinking and planning, researching and speaking on the telephone. His head is full of ideas. He is the one who usually takes video and photographs of us though sometimes the Servant known as JANICE takes a turn with the camera.
Herschel: We call JANICE The HOUSEKEEPER or occasionally just The MAID. She is the one who makes sure our sleeping quarters are clean and our food and water bowls are filled. We like spending time with The THINKER and The MAID because we know they are flattered by our attention.
Jellicoe: That is very true. Although we are not very old, we quickly learnt that Servants are easily pleased by a show of affection. It doesn’t take much effort – a miaou, a purr, a rub of the head. They even like us using them as stepping stones.
Isambard: We also do what one of the FAMILY, the one called SUSANNAH calls ‘the nose thing.’ SUSANNAH is the one with the small Servant who has to be carried everywhere and she says the CAT who owns her does ‘the nose thing’ all the time. Why are Servants so delighted by such commonplace acts? 
We nose touch all the time but you don’t find us getting excited about it.
Here I am with the DOG the Servants call Bertie
Herschel: We are keen to meet the DOGS face to face and teach them who’s in charge but the Servants say we must wait a little longer. The DOGS are silly creatures but the Servants seem fond of them. They have to take them out to exercise whereas we can do everything we want to in our Palace. I don’t think DOGS can climb like us – at least I’ve never seen them do it.
Jellicoe: One phenomenon we have all noticed is that things appear to be getting smaller. The DOGS have shrunk, though of course they are still enormous, particularly the spotted one. Mostly it’s the furniture that has reduced in size. We can no longer fit under the table in the conservatory.
Isambard: The MAID took our sleeping box out of our pen and put a large cushion in its place. We liked the box – it was like a cave – but we couldn’t fit in it any more, not all of us at the same time – so that’s another thing that has contracted. The STAIRS have condensed, too.
Herschel: Our cat tree is not as big as it was, either. It’s very strange. At the same time my brothers have grown larger and they tell me I have too. It’s odd because I don’t feel any different and neither do they. Life is certainly very interesting for us kittens.
Jellicoe: I just hope things don’t keep on getting smaller or we shall be crawling around on our knees. That wouldn’t be much fun.
Herschel: Maybe we’ll end up being larger than the DOGS – that would be so good!
Isambard: Do you think the Servants will shrink, too? They mustn’t get so small they can’t carry our food and water bowls – and who would change the cat litter?
Jellicoe: They haven’t shrunk so far so I think we’ll be all right.
Herschel: You speak sense, my Brother.
Isambard: It’s time for another nap so I’ll say goodbye from all of us.



  1. A delightful post Janice, a lovely fun read and beautiful cats.

  2. Love that last pic... they look so playful!
    I wonder what the dogs will think of them??

  3. All I can say is, "Don't shrink, Janice. They won't like it."

  4. This was such fun to read, Janice. I really think you should make some of these posts into a small photo book with captions under!

  5. These are such sweet photos of sweet cats, Janice.

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  7. Sheesh how they are growing!

  8. Ha! Love the cat chit-chat!
    They have everything worked out! Smart creatures.

  9. Awwwwwww... those cats :). Lovely!

  10. Curiouser and curiouser... you haven't been having your water served from a bottle labelled 'Drink Me' have you? You are truly gorgeous by the way!

  11. Cute, cute, cute!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family.


  12. I love this cat's eye view of the world. Very clever!

  13. Everything shrinks ? You make me think of Alice in Wonderland !
    What a sweet bunch your are.

    You must keep the Maid very busy that she hasn't time to give us some news ! What about the dogs ? Have you shown them who is the boss ?


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