Tuesday 2 July 2013

The Entropy Gang's July blog (formerly Conservatory Cats' Chats)

The Entropy Gang’s July blog (formerly Conservatory Cats’ Chats)
Isambard, Bertie, Jellicoe and Herschel
Herschel: Since last we wrote some interesting things have occurred.

Isambard: First we all went to spend a day with the Vet servants. I was much happier this time because my brothers came with me.

Jellicoe: The Vet servants’ nurse who greeted us was really excited.

Herschel: She had never seen Ocicats before so we were met with great enthusiasm.

Isambard: We were taken into another room but we don’t really know what happened next.

Jellicoe: Don’t you remember? We were each given an injection and then we fell asleep.

Herschel: When we woke up we felt that something was missing but we didn’t quite know what.
Isambard, Herschel and Jellicoe on the cat tree 
Isambard: We all had something we didn’t have before – transparent collars. We couldn’t get them off even though we tried.

Jellicoe: We were pleased when The Thinker and The Maid came to take us home. They thought we were going to be quiet. I don’t know why.

Herschel: We were so pleased to be out of the little pens we had been kept in at the Vets that we charged all over the house.

Isambard: The collars made a screeching noise as they scraped along the floor and it was difficult to groom ourselves. They got rather a lot of food in them, too.

Jellicoe: We had to go back to the Vets to be checked and then at last The Thinker and The Maid took the collars off and we were free again.

Herschel: Since then I have been into the GARDEN three times. I wasn’t supposed to because the special fence isn’t in place yet.

Isambard: The THINKER and The MAID have had to wait while their next-door neighbours had a new fence put up. It looks very smart.

Jellicoe: The DOGS didn’t like it because the men had to come into our GARDEN and they barked. Then BERTIE realised that next-door’s GARDEN was open and he could go in it. He liked that.

Herschel: We have plenty of room to play in the house. We can climb very high.
Herschel and Jellicoe 
Isambard: We’ve all been on top of the kitchen cupboards . . .
 Jellicoe and Herschel
Jellicoe: . . . and the grandfather clock . . .
Herschel: . . . and we like climbing the wire mesh door that allows fresh air into the sitting room but doesn’t let us out.
 Herschel (and Bertie)
 Isambard: The THINKER and The MAID say they’re going to move the bird feeder. They think we might catch the birds.

Jellicoe: We can catch flies and spiders but they’re much smaller.

Herschel: Some of the birds are quite small but the black and white birds (editor’s note: Magpies) and the heavy grey ones (editor’s note: wood pigeons) are too big for us.

Isambard: We could work together – we’re good at that.

Jellicoe: For example, we know how to open doors but we can’t quite manage it yet. We keep trying, though.

Herschel: In the mornings, as soon as we hear any movement from the BEDROOM where The THINKER and The MAID and the DOGS sleep we start miaouing and scratching at the door. Isambard is the first to start and he tries to push the door handle down to open the door.

Isambard: I jump down on it from the chest of drawers.

Jellicoe: Eventually we are allowed into the BEDROOM and we purr very loudly for a very long time and then we settle down on the bed and go to sleep.

Herschel: We’ve discovered a new game. One of us hides, one of us stays with The THINKER and The MAID and one of us goes upstairs.

Isambard: I usually stay downstairs with the Servants and Jellicoe goes upstairs while Herschel hides.

Jellicoe: After a while I start to cry and that alarms the Servants. They’re always relieved when they see me so then I go upstairs again and miaou.

Herschel: That’s when the Servants freak out. They know where Jellicoe and Isambard are but they realise they haven’t seen me. They hunt everywhere for me, even in the places I’ve never been. Then one of them sees me in the cat tree. I’m usually asleep by the time they find me. It’s fun to play hide and seek but it can get rather boring.

Isambard: We are still creating entropy. Yesterday we knocked a casserole dish off the top of the cupboard and broke it. The bits went everywhere. The MAID had to use the vacuum cleaner and that made GUS shiver and shake – silly DOG.
Jellicoe, Isambard and Herschel

Jellicoe: Time for a zizz now – I hope next time we can show you some photographs of us in the GARDEN. We’re really looking forward to exploring OUTDOORS.

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  1. Sound to me like your gang knows how to have tons of fun! I can see you can hardly wait to explore the outdoors.

  2. It seems to me that there is never a dull moment in your house ! What a nice life ! I have no bird feeder in our garden because Arthur is a terrible bird hunter ! Now he often sits in front of our neighbor's French doors and watches the canary in his cage ! Once he even managed to sleep on the cage ! the canary didn't mind !

  3. I love the ocicats, Janice. I must try to get to England to visit them. Oh, and you, too, and Barry, but especially Bertie.
    Hard to know who I want to see first. Bertie, most likely, knowing me. Tsk.
    Enjoyed the photos and story. I love that the vet's servants were excited to see the ocicats.

  4. That was some adventure, furries. It makes me shiver wondering what will happen if you learn to open that door and wander outside without your human slaves! Gasp!

  5. Oh, you're going to have some fun and games when they get outside.. so many new things to climb!

  6. Imagine a cat trying to open the bedroom door handle! Animals are so cleaver. I'm glad they all did well on their surgeries and they are enjoying the heights from the cupboards.

  7. They are so sleek and beautiful.

  8. You have a houseful of precious beings. Life must always be full and exciting :) And I loved reading this very entertaining post, thanks Janice.
    An English Girl Rambles

  9. Oh, they are really SO cute. Loved 'the thinker and the maid.' I'd never seen cats wear those transparent hood things before.... I've had a dog or two have to wear one for one reason or another; and they always look very 'embarrassed' when it is on.

  10. These are very unique and brilliant cats. Great photos! The transparent collars are certainly a new look for them.


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