Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ocicats in Action

 Just to prove that they don't spend all their time sleeping here are a few shots of Ocicats in action. Thanks to my camera man, the one and only Barry.J

Before they could be taken, camera speed and light sensitivity had to be adjusted (Barry's task) and a measure of housework undertaken - floor swept and some of the detritus of day to day living - (year to year!!) - tidied away out of sight (my job). I am NOT posting the uncropped photos, too shaming.
Herschel leaps for the feathers as Jellicoe and Isambard consider their options.
Starting the descent . . .
Making another attempt - feathers are so enticing.
Isambard springs and Jellicoe nearly does, too.
Ready . . . steady . . .
. . . oops!
Jellicoe's turn but Isambard is keen, too.
One last try for Isambard.

The feathers 'lived' to fight another day. If a favourite toy is captured by one of the brothers there's a good deal of growling as the prize is carried off but they never squabble in the heat of the chase.

Our impression is that Herschel leaps the highest, Jellicoe is second in line and Isambard's efforts are respectable but not outstanding. 


  1. video next time. It would be wonderful to see them in action.

  2. I so enjoyed watching them in action. Cats are so entertaining.

  3. Nothing is more fun, then watching kitty cats play, and jump, and jump until....finally, almost...yes!

  4. Splendid photographs - I'm very impressed on all counts! Cats are wonderfully acrobatic when they put their minds to it, aren't they! (I may remind my sleeping beauties of that little fact....)

  5. Great moves. This looks a lot like our house during play time.

  6. They are so beautiful ! Such nice patterns ! Mother nature did a real artwork on your cats !

  7. Gorgeous cats. I enjoyed the pictures and your narration. You brought out the best in your lovely feline friends!

  8. Oh my gosh! These are incredible shots! My photos would all be blurry.

  9. There's a basketball team in the making there

  10. Brilliant-photos and leaping!


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