Monday, 20 January 2014

New Year, starting late . . .

New Year, starting late . . .

2014 was going to be a new beginning, vigorous, productive, fulfilling, and it was scheduled to start from the very first day of January. Yes!

But it didn’t and I can’t seem to kick-start it, or perhaps myself. Part of the reason for this is the giddiness I have been experiencing since November, now thankfully diminishing. The swirling head rush is mainly confined to bed so during the day I am able to walk steadily and drive safely.

Maybe my lack of motivation is a hangover from 2013 which seemed to be a year of waiting and worrying. Whatever it is, I think February will herald the real New Year for me. So, Happy New Year, folks, and may the sun shine gently upon you and yours J

Meanwhile . . .

Herschel in a box . . . 

Herschel in a basket . . . 
 Herschel and his favourite dog, Bertie . . . 
. . .
. . . whichever way up.
Jellicoe in a box . . . 
The Entropy Gang at rest, Isambard stretching his claws.


  1. Well, the sun is noticeably higher in the sky now so I am certain many of us will be feeling better soon. Herschel and Jelicoe are still enjoying themselves, I see, finding fun and comfort wherever they may be.

    Happy New Year, Janice!

  2. Love your pics of Herschel and Jellcoe!! Herschel looks just like my son Adams dog!! Hope you have a good week and a Happy New Year!

  3. Hope that giddiness is sorted out soon Janice and thank you for sharing these pictures of the precious crew :) Happy New Year!

  4. They look like their new year will be more of the same.
    Just a question? Do you wake up with that light headed feeling? I was having something of that problem until I started drinking more water. Now, first thing, I drink a big glass of water. No more lightheadedness/dizziness.

  5. Your cats make me smile. There is something imperious about a cat.

  6. Oh no! I'm glad you're starting to feel better Janice, that doesn't sound nice.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Hi Janice! Good to see you, and hope that in 2014 you will be posting more regularly again. I still remember so looking forward to the next segment of your story when you wrote the family story around WWII (I think it was WWII and not WWI).

  8. I'm so sorry the dizziness lasted so long, Janice, and that now it still bothers you when you're trying to rest. How dreadful.
    I love the photos today, especially, of course, Bertie and his wrap-cat. I always tell my husband that our Lindy needs her own cat. I won't tell her how many cats your dogs have.
    Take care now, and get your late new year going in the right direction.
    Luv, K

  9. As long as the dizziness is confined to bed that isn't so bad but I do hope you get over it soon.

    Your cats are adorable. I scrolled down and read more about them and their "servants". Life at your house sounds a lot like ours.

  10. My doc says I have benign positional vertigo. When I lie down on the exam table the room spins. Hubby gets it working under the car, to the point of nausea.

    Hope you find your hopping on the new year point, and wishing you well. Your cats are adorable.

  11. How sweet. I have GOT to get my kitties a dog...



  12. Sorry to hear you haven't been well Janice - take care and consider yourself hugged. Good company you have there!

  13. Sorry to hear you haven't been well Janice - take care and consider yourself hugged. Good company you have there!

  14. Sorry to hear you haven't been well Janice - take care and consider yourself hugged. Good company you have there!

  15. I hate January ! Especially this year, there is nothing going on except rain ! Your photos are adorable !


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