Friday 9 May 2014

The Entropy Gang's May 2014 blog (formerly Conservatory Cats' Chats)

The Entropy Gang’s May 2014 blog (formerly Conservatory Cats’ Chats)

Herschel: We are exhausted!
Isambard: There are many reasons for this which we shall enumerate for your edification.
Jellicoe: It may justifiably be said that we are disenchanted with our Servants. They have allowed other matters to intrude on their first duty which, of course, is to US.
Herschel: We have told you before that our Servants have what they call FAMILY and that some of them had very small Servants who had to be carried around and spent much time on the floor.
Isambard: The very small Servants are not quite so small now and they can run around on their hind legs.
Jellicoe: The thing that has upset us most is that one of the very small Servants has come to live with us. His name is Frankie and he is noisy and untidy. He has taken over the Conservatory, which you may recall is our province. The whole place is filled with his books and toys. Isambard has become almost invisible during the hours he is awake.
Herschel: Jellicoe and I have agreed to share the space with him. We love being in the Conservatory - it’s lovely and warm and bright and we get a wonderful view of the birds. Bird-watching at this time of year is time-consuming and we are fatigued.
Isambard: I enjoy bird-watching too, but I don’t go in the Conservatory when Frankie is there. I am getting used to him but he makes me nervous. I know I can run and jump faster than him but I’m a peaceable sort of chap and I don’t care much for change.
Jellicoe: Of course, Frankie didn’t come here on his own. His Mummy, Susannah, came with him. We like Susannah. Susannah likes us. Isambard is her favourite but Herschel and I don’t mind that. She says he is like her cat. We haven’t seen her cat.
Herschel: What has disturbed us is that it’s not just Susannah and Frankie who have come to stay – there is another cat! We haven’t seen it but we can smell it and hear it.
Isambard: Not only that, it has taken part of our domain. We think it must be Susannah’s cat. She calls her Pats. I’m very interested in her.
Jellicoe: Susannah would like us to meet but The MAID and The THINKER say we must all wait.
Herschel: We’d just about got over the shock of the invasion by Pats and her Servants when The MAID and The THINKER had the effrontery to invite more Servants to lunch. We knew them all, of course, apart from one who was unfamiliar. The one we would have liked to see, Robert the Cat Whisperer, didn’t come because he wasn’t feeling well. That was disappointing.
Isambard: Now we’re not pushy – we don’t force our attentions on anyone – but the alien Servant flinched every time she caught sight of one of us. She doesn’t like cats. Can you imagine that? How could anyone not like cats – and especially us? Actually she didn’t see me at all – I was hiding in my special place under the stairs. I didn’t come out until Frankie had gone to bed and everyone except Gillian had gone home. We like Gillian – she gives us treats!
Jellicoe: You can appreciate that we have had our paws full with all the changes in our Palace. It’s all going to change again later when Pats and her Servants move into their own house.
Herschel: That won’t be for a very long time. In the meantime we have to catch our cuddles when we can.
Isambard: We do all snuggle up together at night on the Servants’ bed.
Jellicoe: But it’s not the same as choosing a lap whenever the mood takes us.
Herschel: We are getting used to the small Servant – we make him laugh.
 Isambard: I have even stayed in the same room as him once or twice recently – but not for long.
Jellicoe: The MAID tells him to be gentle and he’s a good little boy really – just young.
Herschel: All the Servants have been very unsettled for months and now they’re beginning to relax again. 
Isambard: But we are exhausted.
Jellicoe: Change is always tiring but we’re coping. We’re never too tired to create a little more entropy. Pulling the ceiling blinds down was our latest trick. That was me! I wondered what it would be like to lie in a hammock and the ceiling blind seemed to fit the bill.
Herschel: The THINKER wasn’t very pleased.
Isambard: I wasn’t even there . . .
Jellicoe: Butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, Isambard. You’re not as innocent as you make out. After all, you are our brother.
Herschel: Now, now, let’s not squabble. You know the Servants don’t like it. Time for a zizz, I think . . . z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z
Isambard: z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z
Jellicoe: z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z


  1. The world would be a better place with more cat commentary like this.

  2. That sounds exhausting! You guys should get your naps when u can, you've got a lil baby servant to raise.
    Good luck,
    Ginger, Buddy n Shadow


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