Wednesday 15 August 2018

Small kittens

Litter brothers Walter and Khan have joined Gareth and Nina's family. 


The current incumbent, Sebastian, has expressed some displeasure.


  1. I'm sure Sebastian will become accustomed in o time. The new little boys are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Janice - they are certainly delightful to look at ... and I bet have fun playing around - cheers Hilary

  3. While I love the name "Walter," Khan looks VERY mischievous...:)JP

  4. Hello, they are so cute. Love the sweet kittens. I hope they will be a happy family. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

  5. Hi again! Thanks for your recent visit. I can see the kittens are leaving their marks. LOL
    I love kitties. They are so playful and energetic.

  6. Ha, these Johnnie-come-lately whippersnappers. Want to rule the roost, do they? We’ll see about that.

  7. Lovely little babies. I just realised I have missed a lot of your posts...I see you in my sidebar and when the title doesn't change I don't pop overe to look. When I thought it had been a long time since you last posted I wandered over and hey.....lots of stuff I've missed. Maybe think about using the 'title' line?????


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