Sunday 12 August 2018

The photographer

Barry is usually to be found behind a camera whenever we have a family gathering or go out. This means that for most of their young lives our children, grandchildren and now our great grandchildren, were only able to recognise him if he had a camera in front of his face.

As the curator of the family archive, spending hours cataloguing the hundreds of photos Barry takes, it began to bother me that there were very few photos of him.

However, there are occasions on which it is possible to extract an image of him. The first one here is taken from an image caught in Callum's sunglasses on a recent sailing trip.

  The second is taken from Kat's sunglasses. Kat is Callum's girl-friend.
 Sometimes, though, he is the subject. iPhones can be very useful! Thank you, Callum.


  1. Nice that you finally have photos of the photographer :)

  2. Indeed! Too late I have realised the importance of photographs, not for me but for family who might be interested, and wish I had not hidden from the camera. I also wish I had been more strident in insisting that Barry's images be saved for posterity . . . With wisdom comes age, I wish!

  3. Hello, it is great to have these photos of Callum. Photos are great for all family memories. Hubby and I are ttrying to take more selfies, even though we are both camera shy. Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  4. Hi Janice - it's great to see these ... and he's obviously loving his time on the 'ocean' waves ... cheers Hilary


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